NOTHING can brighten up a room quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers does.

But those who love buying a bunch of roses or tulips every week will know that after a few days they will start to look a bit sad – fortunately, there is a hack to prevent this from happening.

The game-changer of a trick was shared by one savvy mum, Clare Hoops (@mrsclarehoops) who demonstrated this with gorgeous tulips.

Offering a helping hand, the 48-year-old took to TikTok where she explained how a few coins can make your flowers last longer.

''If you hate the way tulips go all droopy after a few days, then this hack is for you.

''You've got to trust the process,'' the mum chuckled in the now-viral video.


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''You're going to take a couple of copper coins, drop them in the water and just watch how straight they'll stay.

''Sound’s random but I promise it works, have you tried it?'' Clare wrote in the caption.

But did you know you've probably been making some vital mistakes that kill the flowers almost instantly?

Chatting to The Express, Jade Robertson, at top flower delivery service, Prestige Flowers, listed the biggest no-nos – and turns out, where you place the vase plays a key role.

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She explained: “To make flowers last their full lifespan, they need good care, but it doesn’t take a lot of time.

“By following some basic tips, it’s easy to keep your foliage looking great.

''Cut flowers generally like to be kept at room temperature, which is between 18C and 22C. 

“They don’t like heating elements, which is important to remember at this time of year when people are looking to turn radiators or portable haters on, or light fireplaces.”

Other heat sources to best steer clear include sunny windowsills or any appliance that gives off heat, such as TV.

The whizz went on to add: “By keeping flowers at a stable temperature, not too hot or too cold, they will grow and blossom at their natural rate, thus extending their lifespan.”

When looking to prolong the life of freshly cut flowers, Jade also recommended cutting the stem at an angle, around an inch and a half above the base.

This, she explained, helps to increase the amount of water absorbed in the stems, helping them to stay looking “fresher for long''.

If possible, it's also advised to add flower food – which most of the time comes in a small packet attached to the bouquet.

“If your water does start to look cloudy, change the water and add more flower food, otherwise it’s unlikely your flowers will be getting the nutrients they need to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.''

For those who've used up all the food – or have lost the small packet -another expert claimed that sugar is the trick to make the flowers last longer.

The ''natural'' DIY elixir consists of one tablespoon of sugar mixed with two tablespoons of vinegar.

''Vinegar acts as an antibacterial agent while the sugar acts as additional flower food,'' the whizz explained.

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Sharing the hacks, Jade added: “Ripening fruits, and especially bananas, release small amounts of ethylene gas which can speed up the maturation process, and therefore making your flowers wilt much earlier.

“It’s much better to move them away from the fruit bowl and enjoy the blooms for that bit longer.”

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