A THRIFTY single mum has revealed how she became a millionaire by cutting the cost of her grocery bill.

Mum-of-two Serina Bird, 47,now spends just £25 a week on food for her family, saving a whopping £2.9k in a year – and shares her tips on how you can do the same.

Writing for Best Recipes, the Australian writer – who runs the blog The Joyful Frugalista – explained that she has successfully stuck to the low budget for feeding her family-of-four since September 2016.

The frugal mum has always had a knack for saving money with Serina revealing how she set about banking at least 10% of her weekly earning since the age of 15.

Now, as an author of a best-selling money-saving guide by the same name as her blog, the thrifty home cook the four simple steps that'll help feed your family on a budget.

1. Plan your meals

It seems preparation is the key to saving money while ensuring you have enough food on the table each day.

Serina says meal plans that factor in occasions and socialising written for the week ahead is what will help you week to week.

"You might not stick to the plan exactly, but it means you more likely to feel in control and prepared," she said.

2. Always have a shopping list

In line with planning, writing a list before every supermarket trip stops you from picking up extra bits – particularly special offers and discounts on items you doesn't really need.

What's more, the frugal mum says to always use up whatever is in the pantry before filling it up, which will help cut down on waste.

On one occasion, Serina added up "leftover" items and found she had roughly £50worth of usable food.

3. Meal prep once a month

Along with planning, meal prepping is vital if it means being organised and saving a pretty penny.

Serina says she cooks a batch of meals in bulk once a month for her family to eat in case of emergencies.  

"It's so much quicker and easier to pull out of the freezer than ordering home delivery," she said.

And added that you can make it a fun social event by batch cooking with friends or family.

4. Cut out takeaways

Takeaways at the weeks is a sure way to up your weekly food bill but th2 thrifty mum recommends swapping it for "Fridge Fridays" instead.

The idea is to use up the food in your fridge or pantry you would otherwise throw out, but it's important to find a way to make it fun and interesting.

The self-professed "queen of leftovers" said her family often make pizzas with creative toppings, using whatever they have in the fridge.

While she admits her kids aren't always as keen for "interesting combinations", her husband, Neil, is always up to the challenge.

Serina has also shared some other thrifty tips which have helped her save a fortune – including saving money on cleaning products.

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