CAN you believe it's been 20 YEARS since Big Brother first graced our screens? From Nasty Nick's notes to Gemma Collins' epic meltdowns, the pioneering reality show provided us with some of the best television moments of all time.

But considering how the whole premise of the programme involved contestants being cooped up in the same house for over two months, it's hardly surprising that Big Brother could get pretty steamy at times too.

Long before Love Island's hideaway, these reality star hopefuls instead made do with a cheeky snog in the toilets when they thought the cameras weren't looking.

Or if they were feeling really frisky, jumping into the hot tub or diving under a table in an attempt at privacy. Ah, memories.

This weekend E4 will begin screening some of the show's most iconic episodes – and so to commemorate the occasion, Fabulous Digital has takena look back at some of Big Brother's sexiest moments EVER.

Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson's dining table "den"

In series five, Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson became the first couple to ever have sex on the show after weeks of passionate kisses and suggestive conversations which had the nation hooked.

Despite the fact that Big Brother is ALWAYS watching, the contestants – who dated for a year after the series finished in 2004 – tried to sneak a moment of privacy by creating a makeshift tent underneath the kitchen table.

Using a tablecloth and chairs to stop any prying eyes (or cameras), the young lovers – then 20 and 23 – later confirmed that they'd had sex in the communal kitchen while their housemates were otherwise preoccupied.

Although most likely, they probably wanted to get as FAR away as possible.

Chloe Ferry's jaw-dropping lap dance

Back in 2017, George Shore star Chloe Ferry set Jedward's pulse racing when she performed a sexy lap dance as part of a Celebrity Big Brother challenge.

Wearing a skimpy red sequin bikini, the reality star got up close and personal with former X Factor hopeful John Grimes who was dressed up in a Superman costume at the time. Don't ask.

What's more, Chloe's lap dance was so impressive that John even fell OFF his chair.

Only the night before, Chloe had been told off by Big Brother for rubbing her bare bum on the popstar to show him "what a real woman looks like". Anyone else think these two would have made a great couple?

Denise Welch's "birthday present" to Frankie Cocozza

For most people, we can imagine they'd be pretty chuffed to get a Colin the Caterpillar cake and a thoughtful gift to celebrate a big birthday.

But when you're in the Big Brother house, it's another matter entirely.

In 2012, Celebrity Big Brother contestant Denise Welch – who then went on to win the show – whipped off her top in the hot tub as she joined former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza in his 19th birthday celebrations.

After sobering up, she told fellow housemate Nicola McLean: “I really hope my kids don’t see that. It was only a bit of fun.

"I wanted to give Frankie a treat on his birthday!”

Makosi and Anthony Hutton get hot and heavy in the hot tub

But that's not the only time the hot tub became an, erm, action-packed part of the Big Brother house.

In fact, Makosi and Anthony Hutton enjoyed a VERY steamy session in the communal Jacuzzi all the way back in 2005.

After the raunchy encounter, nurse Musambasi demanded a pregnancy test, insisting that she was 90 or 100 per cent sure she was pregnant just hours after the tryst.

But Anthony Hutton has always insisted that they didn't actually have sex.

Chanelle and Ziggy's steamy shower snog

Anyone who watched the 2007 series of Big Brother probably would have been rooting for lovebirds Ziggy and Chanelle – i.e. "the Posh and Becks of Reality TV".

It was obvious from the moment Ziggy walked into the house that the pair were SERIOUSLY into each other – made only more obvious by their very steamy shower snogs.

Making the most of the foggy screens, the couple often showered together in their swimwear and, ahem, made the most of the privacy.

After the series ended, Chanelle always denied sleeping with Ziggy in the Big Brother house – telling Now! magazine that was afraid she'd be branded "the UK's biggest slapper".

She said: "But now we've got Geordie Shore and The Valleys I feel totally OK being honest and saying we actually had sex every day for about three weeks. Sorry, not sorry!"

Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz sneak off to the toilets

It may not be the most romantic setting – but when you're living in a house with hundreds of cameras, it makes sense you'd go to the bog to steal a cheeky kiss or two.

Taking inspiration from Chanelle and Ziggy, celebrity contestants Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz spent a LOT of time in the toilets with the taps turned on to hide any noises. You know, like you would in school

Unable to keep their hands off each other throughout the series, Jasmine told the Daily Star: "In the toilet on the spaceship we kissed and made out and did stuff – but we turned on the taps so people wouldn’t hear us.

"We wanted privacy. We got very close. Let’s just say we did everything we wanted to do in there."

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