Any outfit with thin straps or no straps and shirts made of translucent fabrics instantly neutralize the somewhat covert nature of bras. *Scientifically* speaking, this means that your coolest summer outfits are subject to obtrusive bra straps and bands and unexpected nipple appearances (though we're all about #freethenip). If you've been searching for a solution, there are roughly 9,400 Amazon reviewers that would enthusiastically point you in the direction of one select type of nipple covers.

You'd assume that Bristol 6's Nippies nipple covers would be like the rest of the nipple pasties out there, but reviewers swear they are worth the extra few bucks because of how seamless they are. One of the biggest issues with cheaper nipple stickers is that they can inadvertently draw more attention; because the edges of these pasties taper into a super thin width, they don't create dreaded circles under clothing, leading shoppers to tout a pair as a "total game changer.". 

"They matched my skin almost perfectly, and they passed the paper-thin white tank test," explained one reviewer. Piercings are no issue either, as told by another shopper: "They covered the jewelry AND are invisible under the dress."

Shop now: $25 (Originally $27),

The pasties, which come in two different sizes and four shades, are also supremely comfortable. Some nipple covers can feel like they're peeling off or get a bit itchy on sensitive skin, but handfuls of wearers completely forgot they were on — some to a greater extent than others.

"I wore these under a thin jumpsuit and they lasted through a 12-hour day which included a ton of dancing," wrote one fan. "When I got home (at the risk of sounding gross) I was exhausted and drunk and forgot I had them on so I fell asleep in them. I spent the entire next day hungover in my jammies and not once did I remember I still had these on. It wasn't until 8 p.m. when I went to take a shower that I realized those suckers were still there (and that maybe I'm a little gross). The point is, these are literally like a second skin, you put them on and forget they're there."

Shop now: $25 (Originally $27),

Plus, in case you've forgotten, wedding season is here. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or guest, you may be looking at sleeveless outfits for summer nuptials, so a traditional bra might not be the best choice. Don't sweat it, though — except on the dance floor — because these reusable nipple covers aren't going anywhere. One shopper noted that "even wearing them to a 104-degree outside, June, Texas wedding" didn't mess with their sticking power.

Once you've added a pair of Bristol 6 pasties to your cart, go grab that sparkly sheer top that's been hiding in your closet and lay it out on your bed. You didn't really need a good reason to wear it, just the right accessory.

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