ONE fitness instructor was DEVASTATED after she was told that her body size was not small enough for one woman to book her services.

Zara Groves, 51 was informed that a potential client decided not to book her services – just because she was a size 12.

Shocked and appalled by the comment, Zara said that she broke down in tears in a very candid Facebook post she titled "do you think I'm fat."

Zara said: "I'm not here fishing for compliments because I know I'm not fat. I'm here because a friend told me that she knew a lady who was going to book one of my classes, but she saw a picture of me decided that I was too fat."

"Which I have to say came as quite a big shock and hurt my feelings, I'm not a machine. It was quite late at night when I was told this, and the next day when I thought about it properly I was like I am not fat" added the fitness instructor.

Although aware that she is not fat, and only a size 12UK in her clothing, Zara said she was still upset that her skills as a fitness instructor were judged because of what she looked like.


"I thought wow, this lady has given up, all the expertise that I could share with her because, in her eyes, I was too fat for her. What is this world coming to?" said Zara.

Adding: "It really shocked me. I never thought in a million years that fat would be a description that you would put next to me because I'm not."

Fortunately, Zara is now able to laugh at the ridiculousness of the comment, however, she felt the need to share her experience because she doesn't think people should judge her work based on her appearance.

"I'm a bloody good trainer, I know that. Also, I'm 51-years-old, I'm perimenopausal now as well. So if you look at me in my 20s, I was eight stone 13 to nine stone one" she said.

"When I was in my 30s, which I think was when I looked my best in my figure, I was 10 stone. Now I'm 11 stone nine, so yes I have gained some weight but I still would not put myself down as fat" added Zara.

Zara said she was thankful for having thick skin, and asked viewers for her post if they had ever experienced similar shaming.

The post has been viewed 3.8k times, and Facebook users have commented about how ridiculous it is that someone would call Zara fat.

"Fat?! Are you joking! Ridiculous, and IF you were what difference does that make to your knowledge and experience. That’s mind-blowing x" commented one person.

"You are a fabulous fit beautiful woman and an inspiration to all your colleague's and brilliant instructors please don't explain Zara as she has the problem x" added another Facebook user.

A third said: "Peoples views of fat have become skewed now its ridiculous"

It really shocked me. I never thought in a million years that fat would be a description that you would put next to me because I'm not."

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