Solid Homme Men’s Spring 2022

The post-pandemic need for escapism and fun was interpreted through a surreal filter at Solid Homme.

The brand unveiled its spring collection with a video in which an artificial sun cast a neon blue light on a beach populated by some tourists. Among them were a range of models who walked and ran, even backward, to showcase the cool lineup.

Designer Woo Young Mi embraced lightness and a young, carefree spirit for spring, an overall attitude that was highlighted by a color palette focused on delicate sorbets and textures that felt sun bleached.

Solid Homme Men's Spring 2022

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The Dream Pool logo became the signature of a fictional sporting club, where cool kids wore hip streetwear uniforms, including sweatshirts matched with shorts in technical fabrics, slightly padded bombers with multiple utility pockets, terrycloth sets peppered with jacquard palms and loose knits, including maxi cardigans and polo shirts. Knitted tennis headbands heightened the retro sport vibe running through the collection.

Edgy touches were introduced in the lineup via the boxy, oversize shapes of the bleached denim jackets and the iridescent, shiny effects of lightweight outerwear pieces that had a slightly futuristic vibe.

An established brand in the Far East, Solid Homme is building itself an international reputation by offering a distinctive take on the streetwear phenomenon.

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