WHEN it comes to getting tattoos, there are some areas that are more painful than others.

But can you imagine getting an inking on your tongue?

One tattooist took to TikTok to share a video of a woman getting a tongue tattoo, which began with him spraying a liquid into the mouth to clean it before starting the process.

It concluded with the woman spitting out a liquid and trying to clean her mouth after the tattoo artist was done.

In the comments section, lots of people were left asking the same two things – how she coped with the taste and what the pain was like.

"Everyone talking abt the pain and stuff but what about the taste?" one questioned.

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"Did he use old green soap?? Lmao must’ve tasted awesome," another added.

"The real question is……. WHAT DID IT TASTE LIKE," someone else wrote.

While another person commented: "The pain I know that has been felt by this is painful."

"Omggg how was the pain," someone else added.

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"I feel like this wouldn’t hurt that much. But I’m sure I’m very wrong," a third wrote.

As another questioned: "Is this even healthy? I get tattoos on your arm or leg but your tongue?

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"I feel like that's really unhealthy and dangerous."

The tattooist has yet to reveal what the inking is actually of, but promised to do so in the coming days.

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