TIS the season to be jolly – and the countdown to Christmas has already begun. 

If you love ‘decking your halls’, but need some tips then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve rounded up the best Christmas decorating hacks. 

From untangling fairy lights to keeping your tree from falling over, there’s something special about having decorated the perfect Christmas tree. 

One director has already started handing out festive tips – including how to decorate your tree. 

But you best be quick as this year has called for lots of people to decorate for the festive season early!


Veronika Kusak, director at Pines and Needles, said: “We’re seeing more and more people put the decorations up early this year and we get it, everyone’s excited and wants to go bigger than ever before to make up for lost celebrations last year.

“But the best day to put your real fir Christmas tree up is actually around the second week in December. 

“It’s hard to imagine but the moment Christmas trees are cut they start to lose freshness and we want to make sure your tree lasts all the way through to the end of the Christmas season.

“This year we’re seeing more orders for more than one tree and more accessories and decorations – it seems families want to bring the Christmas magic to every corner of the house wherever possible.”

Veronika added that some Brits are keen to secure their Christmas tree early amidst worry about supply chain delays.

But she also assured Pines and Needles customers that there’s no need to worry as all Pines and Needles Christmas trees are fresh from The Highlands.

She added: “Our British-grown Christmas trees are grown by us on our plantation in The Highlands, cut down and brought to London by our teams so we are in control the whole time.”

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The Christmas decorating expert revealed her top Christmas decorating hacks for people at home.


Christmas expert Veronika revealed one of the best hacks for maintaining your Christmas tree, is to place it in plain water.

She explained: “The most important bit of advice is to place your tree in plain water so it lasts longer.

“There’s no point decorating your tree beautifully if it is in soil or sand which would block the pores in the bark.”


The Christmas decorating expert also shared one of her top tips for wrapping fairy lights around the tree. 

While it’s best to put the lights back in their original packaging to stop them getting tangled up, putting lights on the Christmas tree is another tricky feat. 

Veronika explained that the best hack is to simply ensure two people tackle the job.

She said: “It may sound obvious, but two people are better than one if that’s possible – even if it’s just for the lights. 

“Lights go on first and it’s great if one person can feed them to the other as they wind it round and round, starting at the bottom. 

“Embed the lights in the lush greenery and then move out as you go up.”


Another Christmas decorating hack that Veronika from Pines and Needles shared was to keep heavier decorations away from the tips of the branches. 

She explained the heavier they are, the further in they’ll need to hang. 

Everyone has a different way of decorating but themes are a great idea, suggested the Christmas expert.

She said this can be a colour or a certain style such as Scandi (sparse; red and white) or Victorian (wooden decorations, dried fruit, pine cones).


Another great decorating hack for Christmas trees is to avoid tinsel – and instead use stylish ribbon.

Veronika said: “Tinsel has been dying out for a while but ribbon is en vogue, but go horizontally rather than at an angle – it’s a much cleaner look.”


If you’re looking to make decorating your Christmas tree easier, then get hooks! 

Veronika explained that hooks are a much better way of securing baubles – instead of the tiny string supplied.

She said it makes it easier to place your decoration deeper into the branches and also swap things around with less chance of damaging the needles.


If you’ve got a furry friend around the Christmas tree this year, make sure to place any fragile ornaments or particularly sentimental ones, higher up on the tree so your dog doesn’t go for them, suggested Veronika.

Veronika said :“Not only will you lose your gorgeous decorations but it could be a choking hazard or cause paw or mouth injuries. 

“Pines and Needles recommends the Nordmann Fir for people with pets as needles are softer and drop less.”

If you’re worried about your tree falling over, use a plastic snow saucer underneath the tree stand.

And if you have wood floors, use a carpet remnant or an extra bath mat to put under the saucer to prevent scratches. 


If you’re creating your own Christmas wreath, choose freshest cuts possible for a more authentic decor but also to give it more chance of lasting through the festive season. 

Veronika from Pines and Needles said: “When choosing foliage, aim towards an ‘indoor’ variety of trees, if specifically using tree branches, Noble Fir is a popular choice.

“Remember your creation is unique and beautiful because it’s your own, even if others don’t agree!”

Untangling fairy lights after they have been in storage all year can be a nightmareCredit: Getty

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