The subtle signs your partner is lying to you, from rubbing their neck to mouth touching

WE ARE all guilty of the occasional fib, and most of us are happy to let a little white lie go – but when it comes to our partners honesty is integral.

But how can you tell if your partner is lying to you? Well according to body language experts there are some very subtle signs to look out for. have teamed up with leading body language experts Nick Davis and Sophie Zadeh to reveal the micro expressions and signs to watch out for when trying to tell if your partner is fibbing to you.

Here they reveal the very subtle signs that your man is up to no good…

Ear rubbing

A liar will subconsciously try to block out the sound of the lie they’re telling you; or they may rub their ear to distract you from the fact they’re breaking eye contact and look away from you when talking.

Your partner may also pull or bend their eye which can also signal that they have heard enough and don’t want to continue the conversation.

Covering their nose

A key sign to look out for is if they rub the bottom of their nose very slightly, with their fingers dangling over their mouths in an attempt to cover the untruths they’re saying.

Mouth touching

Mouth touching can often be used unconsciously to suppress what the liar is saying.

This gesture is sometimes disguised with a fake cough, although with Coronavirus this will be used less.

Neck rubbing

Some people may pull at their collar or rub the back of their neck when they are lying.

The pulling may be because the liar experiences tingling in the neck and face when telling untruths due to sensations of heat or sweating.

Closing eyes

The final tip to tell if your partner is nothing but a fibber, is if they close their eyes or look away when they speak to you.

Men will tend to rub their eyes more vigorously if the lies they tell are big, whereas women are more likely to rub under their eye and look upwards.

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