This surprise guest was the hottest super-meow-del on the catwalk.

A stray feline didn’t need an invitation to work the Christian Dior runway at a Marrakech, Morocco, fashion show this week.

The cool cat walked in the wrong direction, just barely avoiding its fellow models’ legs — and some fiery pyrotechnic effects — before slinking into the audience.

Of course Twitter was purring about this accidental modeling debut.

“Those people are so full of themselves,” one animal lover tweeted. “I would’ve pet the cat.”

“The ONLY fur to ever belong on a runway,” singer-songwriter Aiden James wrote.

The Dior kitty is not the first four-legged fashionista to go viral on social media.

A furry interloper casually licked its tail on the runway at an Istanbul show in October, followed by some doggie style in Mumbai this January.

Animals have also occasionally been invited to model, like when a miniature therapy pony trotted down the runway at the New York Pet Fashion Show in February.

NY Fashion Week also had pet appearances this year, when cute canines took the catwalk for a Westminster-inspired event.

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