A FAMILY that lives in a van have been slammed online for giving their pet hamster more space than their own children.

The US-based family regularly share snippets of their life on wheels.

In one such video posted to the family's account @tigazo1942349, the matriarch of the family, Jess, showed off the family pet, a hamster called Buttons.

The hamster, who is owned by her eldest daughter, Addison, seems to be having the time of it's life driving coast to coast across the states.

In the short clip, Jess said: "His name is buttons and his cage actually is on a bunk area that is meant for an additional child.

"But the cage fits perfectly and they have this curtain that closes in this bunk area so they have the privacy and the space all to themselves."


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The family, who live in a Heartland Cyclone 4014C van was kitted out with a fully working kitchen, including a double-door fridge freezer, a TV, sofa, and dining table.

The back of the van hosted her three children's room which was fitted with it's own en-suite.

Her two younger children, Grace, 11 and TJ, 9, share bunkbeds made private with a curtain.

The children also have a giant cage in the room for their three pet rats.

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Her eldest child, Adison, 14, sleeps in a bunk room accessible via a ladder.

The room also has a curtain so she can have some privacy while still sharing a room.

In the front of the camper van is a larger bathroom fitted with a shower.

The video, which has since gone viral with over 900k views and over 70k likes had people divided in the comments.

Many loved the nomadic lifestyle but others said the hamster had more room to move around in than their three children.

One person remarked: "Bunk area made for an additional child but fits the hamster perfectly!"

Another penned: "Hamster get more room than the kid."

"You know it's bad when they say the are was meant for an additional kid but it's perfect size for a hamster," a third commented.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Hamster got more room than the kids."

"This is definitely the best set up for the child I’ve ever seen," claimed a fifth.

Someone else wrote: "Yall are complaining about privacy but this kid lives way better life than all of us."

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