BY the time you've reached adulthood, it's safe to say you probably know your own mind quite well.

Your likes, your dislikes – whether you're the kind of person to blow off a job to travel the world at a moment's notice or put your career above all else.

Well if you have any doubt in your mind over what your core values REALLY are, this optical illusion is here to shed some light on it.

As Your Tango reports, there are six animals lurking in this computer-generated image – and which one you see first reveals a LOT about your personality.

If your eye was immediately drawn to a wolf, this means you're someone who is loyal to a fault – regardless of whether you've been hurt in the past.

As such, you have strong gut instincts – so pay attention to what it's telling you.

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Alternatively if you spotted the hawk first, the optical illusion is hinting you're a natural leader.

Even if you don't like the responsibility that comes with it, your core value is self-determination which will help you soar… if you're prepared to take the leap of faith.

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Saw the butterfly first? Then you're an inherently hopeful person.

This characteristic drives you in everything you do and inspires the other people in your life.

What's more, if the dog jumped out to you initially then you're someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.

Just like the people who saw the wolf, you're fiercely loyal – but don't have that same self-protection instinct and value unconditional love above all else.

On the other end of the spectrum, people who saw the horse are driven by their desire for freedom.

The monotony of everyday life can quickly make you feel trapped and you're often fighting the urge to escape it all.

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Finally, if you saw a dove first then this means you're a person driven by spirituality.

On top of this, you often act as a peace-maker in social situations and people are always turning to you for guidance.

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