What your nightwear REALLY says about you…and why pants under your PJs are bad news for your other half

TELLY fashion guru Susannah Constantine sparked a debate on her My Wardrobe Malfunction podcast, by admitting she wears pants under her pyjamas in bed.

Behaviour and body language expert Judi James tells Rebecca Pascoe what your choice of sleepwear really says about you.

PJs with pants

YOU love to feel safe and you are probably a bit risk averse.

Maybe you have had a few knock-backs in your relationships, so you want to go back to that childlike feeling of security.

You are not overtly flirty and may need time in a relationship to come out of your shell.

But once you get a sense of security, you will let that guard down and reveal a completely different, sexy side of yourself.

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…with no pants

GOING knicker-free underneath makes pyjamas a bit more sexy – otherwise you are signalling a clear ‘no’ to your partner.

You and your other half are probably both on the same page when it comes to how you see your relationship.

You are likely to be a bit more free and less ­concerned about what has happened in your past.

You are confident, optimistic and have a good sense of humour.

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Old T-shirt

THIS is a surprisingly sexy choice for bed – it’s the sort of thing you put on to get taken off by a partner.

A T-shirt is a lot more provocative than it seems – even more so than the racy outfits you can buy in Ann Summers.

This choice shows you are in control in the bedroom and you like it that way.

You might even be a little demanding. You avoid all the frills and get down to business.

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Silk nightgown

A SOPHISTICATED choice, this sensuous nightwear actively sets out to flirt and seduce.

You might be wearing this outfit at the beginning of a relationship or to reboot love that has gone off the boil.

Either way, it’s an intentional gesture, putting effort into your romance.

You probably put a lot of importance on your ­partner seducing you – candlelit dinners are on your agenda.

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Sleeping in the nude

NAPPING naked shows you have a high level of confidence and trust.

It’s not as sexualised as people think – it’s not even particularly flirty as you’re not putting on an outfit to entice or titillate somebody.

You are saying, I’m here and you can like me or not. You are someone who feels comfortable in your relationship.

You can be intimate with your partner without making any effort.

You take a natural approach to sex and life.

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