When Does The Vans x ‘Harry Potter’ Collab Drop? The Hogwarts-Inspired Collection Is Beyond Magical

Name someone that doesn’t love Harry Potter. No, seriously, I dare you; I have a major bone to pick with anyone who has never read at least one book or seen at least one film during a rainy day movie marathon. Those of us who do stan the series are on the edge of our seats to find out when the Vans x Harry Potter collab drops, and based off of what Vans has teased so far, the entire line looks amazing. I need Slytherin sneaks! Ravenclaw kicks! Potter-approved shoes for all, please! Read on for a look at all this collection has to offer. Spoiler alert: Getting a pair of these shoes is almost as exciting as a getting a letter from Hogwarts.

Hadn’t heard of this ~magical~ collab? On Friday, June 7, Vans will drop a line of sneakers, backpacks, and jackets, all inspired by the four Hogwarts houses and the wonderful wizarding world. I can hardly wait! The collection will be available both in Vans stores and online, and there’s something for everyone, whether you’re more of a Hermione, a Malfoy, or a Weasely at heart.

A quick glimpse shows just how much effort the Vans team put into making sure every pair was unique and in line with its corresponding Hogwarts house:

For example, these green and black snakeskin-esque trainers are definitely the Slytherin pair:

TBH, I’m sure even fans that detest Slytherin will want these. Snakeskin is so trendy right now. I mean, look at that detail:

The Hufflepuff slip-ons are a bit more understated, but they do feature the house’s signature badger and yellow and black color scheme:

Want to go all out with your Potter pride? You’re looking for the Gryffindor Sk8-His, a personal fave:

My only sadness is that there won’t be any new Harry Potter movie premieres for which I can wear these to the theater as a high-key flex:

The blue checkered Ravenclaw kicks are so cool, I almost missed the HP branding on the tongue at first glance:

There it is!

The footwear portion of the collection rounds out with black-and-white shoes inspired by the newspapers of the Wizarding World:

Do we think these are articles from The Daily Prophet or The Quibbler?

The shoes are the real stars of the show, but in addition to footwear, there are a few other items in the collection.

Backpacks like these would come in handy at Hogwarts, but they’ll do just fine at any other school, too:

There’s also outerwear, like these Deathly Hallows jackets:

And this tie-dye sweatshirt, which just so happens to be very on trend:

I’m high-key ready to drop some coin on this Vans hoodie with all four house symbols:

To shop the Vans x Harry Potter collab in its entirety, hit up a Vans store or browse products on the Vans site when it all goes live on June 7.

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