Woman in hysterics after rug she ordered online is a fraction of the size when it arrives

NOT trying to boast or anything – but we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to online clothes shopping.

After all, you can kind of gage how something is going to fit you when looking at a model.

That said, ordering home furnishings online is a whole new battle in itself – and one woman has proven why you should always triple check the measurements before placing an order.

Saoirse Schofield, 24, Dublin, Ireland, was thrilled when she found a geometric rug on sale for just £5 from Shein earlier this month.

However when it arrived, it was a fraction of the size she was expecting it to be.

"I knew as soon as the package arrived that something wasn't right," Saoirse said. "I was expecting a full size rug that was the same length as a bed."

She continued: "After opening the package I just burst out laughing. I thought this is ridiculous. I couldn't believe how small it was."

Having recently moved house, Saoirse says she was trying to furnish her new room which was a bit of an odd shape.

"When I saw this rug online I thought it would be perfect for my room to go along the floor next to my bed," she said. "In the picture on the website it clearly looks like a full-sized rug as it goes along the edge of the bed in the picture, which is exactly how I wanted it to go in my room.

"I loved the rug as I thought it would break up the wooden floor and add a nice texture to my room. I also loved the neutral colours of it."

When the savvy shopper saw that the rug was 120 by 40, she assumed this meant inches – when really, it was centrimetres.

She said: "It is tiny. It just looks like a piece of material that has been cut off from the rug. I thought it was going to be about four times bigger than what arrived.

"It was hilarious. My mum said that it was ridiculous and hoped that I hadn't wasted much money on it.

"Luckily it was really cheap, so I was able to see the funny side and not be too mad.

"The piece of material that arrived is really soft and fluffy, so I think I am going to keep it until I can find a rug that actually fit so that my feet are warm when I get out of bed in the morning.

"I also want to keep it because I just find it so funny. I think I will wait until the shops are open to buy another rug, so I can make sure I am buying the right thing and don't receive another mini rug.

"I will be more careful in future when buying online. However I do think the picture of the rug online was extremely misleading, but at least it gave us a good laugh."

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