Woman mortified after finding snap with ‘Louis Theroux’ from a night out & realising her awkward blunder

A WOMAN was left mortified after thinking she had taken a photo with Louis Theroux on a night out – only to realise her mistake the next day.

TikTok user Veronica Glendenning had been out for drinks in Blackpool when she thought she had stumbled upon the famous documentary maker. 

Posting to TikTok, Veronica shared photos from the night, with the caption: "Another time *DRUNK* in Blackpool thinking we had met Louis Theroux."

The picture showed a man who does resemble the famous filmmaker, but is just a random stranger. 

Veronica can be seen posing with a friend, while the fake Louis sits in the middle. 

The clip is captioned: “This is a BELTER” and has racked up 75,500 likes on the video-sharing app. 

One entertained social media user said: "He looks more like Louis Theroux than Louis Theroux does."

Another added: "Why is Louis Theroux at a Toby Carvery?"

A third wrote: "To be fair it does look like him."

One person even said they watched the clip three times before realising it wasn’t the real Louis. 

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