HAVE you ever lost your favorite shears in the garden? If so, you might have an advantage in this brainteaser.

These tricky puzzles challenge you to find the misplaced tools in a busy floral scene, and if you can beat the record time, it means you're totally brilliant.

The tricky visual puzzles come from SGS Engineering. The SGS team reports the average time to solve both brainteasers is 51 seconds.

To beat that record, you'll need to have a sharp eye, and a knowledge of gardening wouldn't hurt.

We'll reveal the answers to both tricky pictures at the end, so grab a timer and see if you're speedy enough to be the new champion.

The first puzzle, featured above, tasks you with finding a pair of sharp shears somewhere among the flowers.


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When you start looking, keep your eyes peeled for the silver blades. The handles are orange, with a bright floral pattern, so they might blend in!

Once you've spotted the shears (or given up), try a new challenge with this puzzle.

Now, you're searching for secateurs, those one-handed pruning clippers that no garden can go without.

Except, apparently, whoever abandoned their secateurs in this puzzle!

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This garden tool has similar red-orange handles, but a shorter, snubbed set of blades.

If you're struggling to find the tools in either garden scene, here are some tips that can help.

"Read" the page from left to right, starting in the top left corner, and working your way down and across it, just like a wall of text.

You could also go flower-by-flower, plant-by-plant, and check underneath different species one at a time.

Or divide the squares into quadrants and inspect each zone separately. Try what works most quickly for you!

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If you've already solved the puzzle and need to check your work, or gave up and need the answers right away, just scroll down.

Then, grab a friend and return to the first puzzle to see if they can beat your time.

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