CONGRATULATE yourself if you manage to spot the camouflaged sleeping lizard in less than 15 seconds.

If you achieve the mission it means you have 20/20 vision and one of the 35 percent of the population who share your powers.

Your super-sharp eyesight stood you in good stead for this task.

But spare a thought for those still searching.

A lizard's ability to blend seamlessly into its background is part of its DNA.

It's part of its survival mechanism and so important in the wild.

But, in this visual test, it will frustrate gamers.

The post comes from Madison Brass (@hoppin_help).

Her TikTok is devoted to all things reptile and amphian-like.

Over 256,000 follow her posts on frogs, toads, geckos, and lizards.

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“Can you spot the sleeping lizard?” she asked.

In the video, this little guy is in a vivarium (a lizard's home).

The base is covered with bark and green vegetation is dotted around.

He is giving little away in this game and is in no mood to help you on your quest.

Several commenters were delighted to find him, however.

"I see it," said one, while another squealed, "spotted him."

If you are still looking, relax. We have circled his location in red below.

Better luck next time.

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