IN light of just how much technology is in your home these days, put your brain to the test in a tech-inspired brainteaser.

MusicMagpie has created a mind-boggling search-and-find puzzle to encourage people to trade in their old tech products for cash.

According to the site, the average household in the U.K. has over $600 worth of old devices gathering dust in their homes.

So, can you find the pile of cash hidden among all of the gadgets and wires?

Scattered about the puzzle are green iPods, headphones, and styluses, making your search all the more difficult.

In fact, the puzzle is so difficult that 70 percent of people can't find the hidden money in less than 45 seconds.

But if you're a search-and-find whiz and can spot the hidden stack of cash in under 32 seconds, then you'll beat a new record.

If you're struggling, though, take a look at the left side of the image, or scroll all the way to the bottom for the answer to the brainteaser.

In other tricky brainteasers, you could be in the top 0.1% if you can spot the daisy hidden in the puzzle in less than 25 seconds.

British pottery company, Portmeirion, has put together a picnic-themed brainteaser for you to test your search-and-find skills.

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Across a traditional gingham blanket, you'll find an assortment of picnic must-haves, such as baskets, hamburgers, bread, fruit, cheese, and plate ware.

But there's one item that doesn't quite go along with the rest.

Can you spot the daisy hidden among the picnic food?

Additionally, these tricky puzzles challenge you to find the misplaced tools in a busy floral scene, and if you can beat the record time, it means you're totally brilliant.

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The tricky visual puzzles come from SGS Engineering. The SGS team reports the average time to solve both brainteasers is 51 seconds.

To beat that record, you'll need to have a sharp eye, and a knowledge of gardening wouldn't hurt.

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