FOR many people, cleaning is an arduous task that takes up too much time.

If you're one of those people, you're going to love this hack – which uses just a bottle of Flash all purpose cleaner to clean an entire bath in one go.

Instead of faffing around with bathroom cleaners, limescale removers and bleach, TikTok user Homethirtyone simply fills the bath with warm water, splashes in some Flash and lets it get to work.

And as well as ensuring the tub itself comes up spick, span and stain-free, the shampoos, shower gels and even the bath tray are also popped in the water as well – ensuring everything gets a onceover in one take.

As the tray and products are soaked in the Flash and water, a sponge is used to clean all over the bath with the water, before it's all wiped off with a dry cloth to reveal a sparklingly clean tub.

"How did we ever live without these cleaning TikToks?" someone commented on the post, while another added, "What a good idea!"

"I've been doing this for years – it makes the bathroom smell amazing too!" someone else replied.

And given that a bottle of Flash retails for around £2, the cleaning hack is another one to add to the cheap and cheerful list.

Don't worry if you can't get hold of the pink Flash – cherry blossom scent – either, as any one will work just as well.

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