TRIPLE-WICK candles feel like the height of luxury, especially in the middle of a cold, dark winter.

But, do you know how to correctly light yours whilst not wasting matches?

In a Tiktok, Sidney Raz, who has 2.3million followers, shared his simple solution.

The 29 second video which has 4.4 million views has split candle fanatics.

Sidney says: "Here's something I wish I actually knew before I was in my thirties – how you're actually supposed to light a candle with more than one wick."


"You do not light them one by one." He explained as he used his lighter to light up only one wick in the triple wicked candle.

"You light one and then use that to light the others." He said as he moved the candle around in order to light the other two wicks with the flame.

"They're all lit," he said, smiling, basking in the glow of the fully lit triple-wick candle.

Thousands took to the comments as one shouted: "IVE BEEN STRUGGLING AND BURNING MY FINGER FOR NO REASON?!"

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While another admitted: "At this point I’m pretty sure you’ve taught me more than my parents."

Some had done this before, saying: "I always did this just cause i thought it made more sense and plus holding a lighter for too long has always hurt my joints," and "I thought people knew this."

"I’ve never seen a 3 wick candle with wicks that close

A candle fan asked: "Please don’t do this, it will ruin the candle and cause tunneling bc the melted wax drips to the sides and it will be wasteful."

While another noticed: "Yeah looks like you didn’t know you need to burn the whole layer before extinguishing."

One chose not to use the trick, saying: "I’m not doing this cause it burns the side and makes it look unpleasant."

Another commenter reminded Sidney that his tip would not work on all candles, as they said: "That’s not how you’re SUPPOSED to. It’s just a way you can. Some 3 wick candles have the wicks too far apart and this trick doesn’t work. I’ve tried."

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