FORGET candles, it's time to turn your attention to the next best thing: wax melts – they're wick-less, scented pieces of wax that melt over warm water.

The best wax melts come in an array of eye-catching colours, shapes, sizes, and room-filling scents that would make amazing gifts, or centre-pieces that look and smell amazing.


Wax melts are cheap, long-lasting ways to scent the home. While wax melts are similar to scented candles, they do have some extra, unique perks.

The wick-free melts tend to be cheaper, typically last longer and are chemical-free, so work well in a home with young kids or an office space.

They're also considered more environmentally friendly and still have the same benefits of scented candles, infusing your home with fragrance, as well as providing aromatherapy pros.

Wax melts typically come in cubes, bars or sweet little shapes like hearts and stars (cute gift alert!).

They're a great way to test out a scent on the cheap before committing to it, since you'll often find them in sets with small chunks containing different fragrances.

If you're a newbie to wax melts, you will need to buy a wax melt warmer in order to use your wax melts (you typically light a tea light in a ceramic wax melt holder).

You can find several different styles of burner on Amazon, in different shapes and materials, many for under £10 – here, we've rounded up a selection of the best wax melts you can buy right now.

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