11 Things That Make Will Smith’s $42 Million Home Fit For A Fresh Prince

Given that he was known as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for the better part of the nineties, it’s fitting that Will Smith would have his own castle to call home. While his stunning Calabasas home and property doesn’t resemble a castle, it certainly has the square footage and amenities to please any royals.

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Will Smith has called this breath-taking compound home since the early 2000s, which he shares with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, their children Jaden and Willow Smith, and his son, Trey, from a previous relationship. Below, we highlight eleven of the bougiest facts about the Smith family home that will leave you speechless.

11 The Home Is Worth Over $40 Million

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There’s no denying that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air likes the finer things in life, especially since the property is valued at well over $40 million. In fact, according to TheRichest’s YouTube video, the Smith family briefly put the mansion on the market in 2014 for a cool $42 million. Now that it’s nearly a decade later, it’s likely the home would be valued at much more in the current real estate market.

10 The 150-Acre Property Has Its Own Zip Code

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You read that right – Smith’s property is so large that it earned its own zip code. According to Architectural Digest, the Calabasas property is over 25,000 square feet. Moreover, it sits on a 150-acrre plot of land, which consists of multiple plots that Smith and his wife bought over the years to grow their home.

9 It Was Designed By A Famous Architect

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Pricey Pads confirms that the property was specifically designed by a famous architect, Stephen Samuelson, in 2003. According to Planaarch, Samuelson is an alumn of Wentworth Institute of Technology and Architecture. He went on to found Woodwrights Construction Company in Boston before relocating to Santa Fed in the late ‘70s, where he co-founded Studio Arquitectura.

Architectural Digest explains that Smith specifically reached out to Samuelson to design his home after seeing his work published in the magazine in the ‘90s.

8 Its Circular Floor Plan Has A Special Meaning

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The nine-bedroom home features a unique circular floorplan, but this wasn’t only done as an aesthetic move. In fact, Smith specifically requested this floor plan in order for it to be representative of the infinite cycle of love he has for his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as their family, TheRichest’s YouTube video confirms.

7 Judith Lance Designed The Interior

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While Smith collaborated with designer Waldo Fernandez on several key rooms in the home, Architectural Digest notes, the majority of the house was decorated by Los-Angeles based designer Judith Lance. “The aesthetic note was set. Everything [I added] had to look handcrafted but at the same time refined and sophisticated,” she told the publication of the design process.

The home’s interior takes inspiration from Africa and the Mediterranean. The publication adds that Lance used “tribal jewelry” as her main inspiration, opting largely for custom-made pieces, including a serpent themed fireplace.

6 It Has A Functioning Recording Studio

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Given the Smith family’s history in music, it’s not surprising to learn they have a fully functioning recording studio in their home. TheRichest’s YouTube video notes that Willow Smith recorded her hit “Whip My Hair” in that very room in 2010. Personalized recording studios in residential home can cost upwards of $50,000, whereas a professional-style one can cost millions.

5 It Also Has A Home Cinema

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An actor’s home wouldn’t be complete without a home cinema to watch all of their movies on the big screen, so of course the Smith family’s home features a lavish screening room. While it’s unclear how much the cinema cost the family, TheRichest estimates that they typically go for between $10,000-50,000, though depending on the upgrades, it can easily get into the hundreds of thousands.

4 The Front Door Has Major History

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TheRichest’s YouTube video confirms that the front door to the Smith’s elaborate home has a special history. In fact, the door was salvaged from a fort based in North India before being shipped all the way to California.

3 It Was A Fundraising Location For Obama’s Election

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Given how large the home and property are, it’s no surprise to learn the Smiths have used their compound for various social get-togethers, including fundraising ventures. TheRichest’s YouTube video details how the family held a fundraiser alongside a variety of their famous pals to support President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Basic tickets to the event cost a cool $2500 per person. However, there were various incentives to getting a higher-cost ticket, including a photo opportunity with Michelle Obama that cost $10,000. For guests that wanted a sit-down with the First Lady, it cost $40,000. In total, the event raised around $2.1 million.

2 It Includes Basketball & Tennis Courts

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If you thought the inside of the Smith family’s home was luxurious, wait until you learn what’s on the outside. One of its many amenities includes an outdoor basketball court, allowing the patriarch to enjoy one of his favorite sports, which was evident during his time on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. TheRichest notes that it can cost upwards of $46,000 to install an NBA-sized court.

If that wasn’t enough, Pricey Pads adds the home also comes with its own Tennis court. Other outdoor amenities include a gazebo overlooking  private lake.

1 It Features A Private Island & Lake

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Finally, perhaps the coolest thing about the Smith home is that it comes with its own private island – literally. The stunning home features a small lake in the backyard with a private island dab smack in the center. We guess the Smiths don’t need to go far if they want an island vacation.

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