A couple of months ago, you received the most exciting piece of mail, like, ever. You opened your mail slot and a carefully-decorated envelope fell out. It was your best friend’s save-the-date card for their upcoming wedding. The card noted that they would be marrying the love of their life sometime this summer, and the reception would be held at a quaint venue along the water. To say you’re excited is a total understatement, especially because they have already asked you to be part of the bridal party, too. You’re taking the "bridesmaid" role very seriously, and making sure every detail is taken care of. That includes wine bachelorette hashtags for Instagram, and being on cloud wine with your BFF.

To be honest, you often think about when you were all in kindergarten and simply dreaming about the day you would tie the knot You remember running around your kitchen with a pillowcase on your head, pretending it was a veil, and asking your mom to whip up a makeshift wedding cake. She always played along, and would grab you a bunch of flowers from the backyard to make a fake bouquet, too. Together, you and your best friend would act out every part of the ceremony, and pick out your potential first dance songs.

Not too much has changed since then. But now, those playdates are becoming real life, and you’re preparing to wipe away so many happy tears while watching your BFF say, "I do." Of course, before those tears comes a lot of celebrating the bride-to-be. You’ll host a bridal shower and maybe even a staycation bachelorette party, along with the rest of the bridesmaids.

Don’t forget to pick up a couple of bottles of wine for those events, OK? And then, post a picture of you and your BFF clinking your glasses of rosé on Instagram with one (or many) of these hashtags, to show the world that you’re on cloud wine.

1. #BacheloretteToast

2. #StopAndSmellTheRosés

3. #InLoveWithWine

4. #SipsWine

5. #RoséIsInTheAir

6. #CheersToLove

7. #XOXO

8. #SayYoullBeWine

9. #WeddingWines

10. #HereComesTheBride

11. #EatDrinkAndGetMarried

12. #PutARingOnIt — Beyoncé, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

13. #LoveYouBrunches

14. #LiveLoveWine

15. #YouHadMeAtMerlot

16. #GrapeTimesWithMyGals

17. #LetTheGrapeTimesRoll

18. #ItHappenedForARiesling

19. #PairedWithWine

20. #SipSipHooray

21. #MarriedToMerlot

22. #RoséKindOfDay

23. #LoveAtFirstWineFlight

24. #ItsHappening— Bridesmaids

25. #YouCantSipWithUs

26. #WineALittleLaughALot

27. #Vino

28. #OnCloudWine

29. #WineAndLoveFoundHere

30. #DrinkWineAndDance

31. #BacheloretteMode

32. #TheWineMadeMeDoIt

33. #LongRomanticWalksWithWine

34. #WineIsCalling

35. #WineNot

36. #SipHappens

37. #ILoveYouLikeXO — Beyoncé, "XO"

38. #BabyJustSayYes— Taylor Swift, "Love Story"

39. #BrideToBeAndMe

40. #ALoveLikeNoOther

Along with these hashtags, be sure to prep your toast for the bachelorette party and the wedding reception. As a member of the bridal party and the bride’s BFF, it’s necessary that you say a few words and congratulate the happy couple. You don’t necessarily need to bring up all of your favorite memories from high school, or the embarrassing stories from when you and your best friend were kids. Just a simple, "Cheers to you," will be just fine — especially when there is wine.

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