IF YOU'RE considering going to a yoga or pilates class, it’s a good idea to get a yoga mat to take with you.

Although some fitness classes will supply you with one, it’s probably best to buy and take your own just in case.

Also, having your own is a bit more hygienic, especially if you’re attending a workout where things are going to get sweaty.

A yoga (or exercise) mat is worth investing in because it can help prevent slips and falls. This is thanks to the sticky nature of the mat’s base. You’ll also find that your hands and feet have more grip when using a mat than they would if attempting the poses straight onto the floor.

Using a mat will also make the whole experience that little bit more comfortable for you. The thin layer of foam will act as padding between the floor and the parts of your body that come into contact with it, helping to relieve the pressure.

Mats come in a variety of styles and materials, and which one you opt for will depend on the type of yoga or exercise you’re planning on using it for.

Not sure where to start? Read on to discover our picks for the best yoga mats available on the market.

1. Best for high intensity: Manduka PROLite Mat

  • PROLite Mat, £70 from The sports Edit

Loved by yoga teachers and their pupils alike, the PROLite Mat by Manduka is a great investment if you’re a regular yogi.

Its cushioned material will never fade, flake or peel, even if you’re doing a high-intensity pilates class and features a great grip with a stable surface.

It’s also lightweight and portable, which makes it ideal for using if you're going to a class before or after work.

2. Best bargain: Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat

  • Sticky Yoga Mat, £20 from Amazon

At £20, this mat by Yogamatters is one of the cheapest exercise mats going that isn’t going to fall apart after a couple of uses.

It is super sticky, so it will leave you feeling confident to try even the toughest moves, and will remain stuck in hot classes such as bikram.

And, if it starts to get a bit smelly because of all that sweat, simply stick it in the washing machine and it’ll be good as new.

3. Best for pilates: Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

  • The Reversible Mat 5mm, £58 from Lululemon

This mat from high-end brand Lululemon is perfect for low-sweat yoga and pilates classes.

Its 5mm of padding will keep you comfortable even on the hardest floor and it has an antimicrobial additive woven into the material to prevent the build-up of any mould or mildew.

Available in a range of reversible colours, there’s sure to be a pairing that matches your best yogi gear.

4. Best eco-friendly: CorkYogis Premium Cork Yoga Mat

  • Premium Cork Yoga Mat, £85 from Yoga Matters

If you’re after an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to your yoga mat needs, then look no further than this offering by CorkYogis.

The mat is made from 1mm of sustainable natural cork, and due to the material’s properties, its grip improves the harder you’re working.

The bottom of the mat is covered in 4mm of non-slip rubber, which adds comfort and gives you confidence during your workout.

5. Best investment: Liforme Yoga Mat

  • Yoga Mat, £104.95 from Amazon

Take your yoga seriously? The £100-plus mat from Liforme is for you. As well as a grippy base and the use of eco-friendly materials, the mat includes several markers on it that its users can use as an alignment system, helping to perfect their poses.

The mat is also slightly longer and wider than a standard mat, giving you the extra space you need to properly stretch to your heart’s content.

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