A husband-to-be has been doing daily ‘honeymoon work outs’ for two years to ensure he can perform on his wedding night.

Devout Christian Jonathan Louis, 24, has not had sex for three years. He’s never been intimate with his fiancé – but is determined to give her a night to remember.

As part of his ‘honeymoon prep’ Jonathan has been hitting the gym every day – focusing on hip thrusts and squats, as well as lots of cardio so he ‘doesn’t get out of breath.’

He’s also been taking supplements said to help in the bedroom and increase libido.

Jonathan, who is due to marry his partner, Naya Ford, in 2025, said: ‘As Christians, we believe your body is a temple and that in marriage, a man and wife give each other their bodies.

So I want to give her my best and make sure she likes what she sees.

I believe the first time will be an experience, with all the excitement of the wedding planning and the marriage.

‘Our first night will be the cherry on top!’

Jonathan, from Brooklyn, New York City, and Naya, 23, have both had sex in the past, but have been abstinent in the time they have known each other.

They became an item in October 2022 before Jonathan proposed in May this year. While they haven’t set a date yet, they’re hoping to have a destination wedding in either Greece or Southeast Asia.

He said waiting until marriage hasn’t been easy, and hasn’t come without moments of temptation.

He said: ‘If we go for a late night out, we decide to meet up somewhere in the middle of us both so we’re not tempted to sleep over because of a long journey home.

‘Also what helps is an honest conversation – admitting “I’m horny and you’re horny’ can help to relieve the tension.”‘

He said: ‘The goal is to be in my best shape – I want to be good for her so she can enjoy my body.

‘It’s not only for the bedroom – I want to be the best person I can be for her physically, mentally and emotionally.

‘But our private time together is what all the prep is for.’

Jonathan has been eating supplements which are rumoured to help in the bedroom and increase libido – such as sea moss, horny goat weed, maca root and ashwagandha.

He has also been doing exercises such as hip thrusts and squats to hit all the right muscle groups so he knows he’ll be good on their wedding night.

He said: ‘I’m doing all this cardio and all these HIIT workouts and burpees too – I don’t want to get out of breath!’

Naya has also been doing some prep of her own.

‘I’ve been in the gym getting ready too, and Jonathan has been helping me,’ she said.

‘For me it’s wedding day prep as much as honeymoon prep – I have got to look good in my dress.

‘But I’m definitely looking forward to our first time together as well – this waiting isn’t fun.’

And while Jonathan wants their first night together to be great, he adds he is most looking forward to is ‘spending time with [Naya] endlessly.’

Jonathan said: ‘Without physical intimacy it can be challenging. I can’t wait to wake up and go to sleep with each other.’

Jonathan’s typical fitness routine

Jonathan explains:
‘Lunges. Increases range of motion for getting depth in various positions. Builds hips, butt, and thigh endurance.
‘Stability ball push-ups and high planks. Increases arm endurance for having to hold yourself up on an unstable base such as a mattress.
‘Hip thrusts. Simulating being on the bottom and strengthening and creating higher endurance in the glutes and hips. Activates pelvic floor to help prevent pre-ejaculation.
‘Sprints/runs. Cardiovascular endurance to not tire out
‘Kegels. Support erectile strength and duration for perineal muscles.’

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