The sky’s the limit! Adventurous pet parrot becomes local celebrity and has thousands of views on TikTok as he soars for miles over English countryside

  • Chloe Brown’s pet harlequin macaw Motley has gained loyal followers on TikTok
  • Zoo biology student Chloe, 24, trained him to free fly from a young age
  • Motley is often seen soaring over the Peak District and East Midlands

A pet parrot who has a thirst for adventure has gained celebrity status after being spotted soaring over the UK countryside.

Harlequin macaw Motley has has become a TV and social media star after incredible images of him flying around the Peak District went viral.

His owner, Chloe Brown, 24, lets him fly for miles at a time after training him from a young age.

Chloe, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, has trained Motley so well that she knows he’ll always come back to her no matter how far he travels.

He is often spotted soaring above the landscape in the East Midlands and the Peak district, near his home.

After realising he was developing a fan base Chloe started posting videos and photos of her parrot taking to the skies on social media.

The zoo biology student, who has another parrot called Echo, said: ‘I don’t really do social media but we started getting recognised going out and I thought it would be nice to let people know what he’s been up to.

Chloe Brown, 24, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, has been traininng Motley (left) since he was 21 weeks old

Motley has gone viral on TikTok from videos that show him soaring over the English countryside

 Motley and Echo are owned by Chloe Brown, who is campaigning against clipping wings of birds

 ‘The response has been amazing. He’s got 4,000 or so followers on TikTok and a few thousand on Instagram and Facebook.’

Set for stardom, Motley has two TV appearances lined up – including a feature in an ITV pet show and a spot on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. 

Chloe first got Motley when he was 21 weeks old and began training him to free fly immediately.

She said: ‘It was important to me to let him fly in the wild as much as possible.

Chloe is a zoo biology student with a passion for birds – but she wants to make sure they are treated properly

The student began posting photos and videos of Motley’s adventures earlier this year – and she’s surprised by the amazing response

‘We started off with a harness and an elastic line which got longer each time.

‘We progressed to free flying so now when I take him out he explores the skies but he always comes back to me.

‘We’ve been everywhere, he’s been rock climbing with me, kayaking and on pushbikes.

‘I absolutely love it and so does he and so does he. 

Motley is said to tap on the window every day to make sure Chloe lets him out for his daily flight

Chloe said she often takes Motley to the Peak District, which is one of his favourite places, to free fly

Motley has captured the attention of thousands of residents in the East Midlands who have spotted him soaring over their houses.

As he has grown up with such freedom, Motley now ensures he is always able to take a daily flight.

‘He demands to go flying. If I don’t fly him he will bang on the window and tell me he wants to go out,’ Chloe said.

‘I take him to the Peak District a lot because it’s only a 45 minute drive.

‘His absolute favourite place is Curbar Edge in the peaks. The thermals come straight up the cliff and he just loves it.

‘You can hear him squealing with delight so you know he’s having a great time.

‘He’s been all over the peaks, basically anything with a cliff and he will throw himself off of it.’

After developing a loyal following on social media Chloe is using Motley’s platform to campaign against clipping birds’ wings.

She said: ‘I want let people know that birds shouldn’t be kept in cages.

‘Not everyone can do what I do and it’s important birds are treated humanely.’

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