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Zara Tindall, 41, gave birth to her youngest child Lucas Tindall two years ago today. The two-year-old lives at Aston Farm with Zara, his rugby-playing father Mike Tindall, and his older sisters Mia and Lena.

What types of parents are Zara and Mike Tindall?

Parenting expert Amanda Jenner exclusively told Express.co.uk: “I think what Zara and Mike doing is fantastic, you often see them being very hands-on parents, out at public events and lots of family giggles!

“This helps to build on their children’s personalities, by introducing Lucas to different people in different environments and making them more personable, they’re introducing him and the rest of the children to the world and the public eye, not hiding them away, so when they are older these events and royal engagements will come more naturally and feel normal to them. 

“What is amazing to see is Zara and Mike are allowing them to be children, letting them laugh, smile, clap, pull faces and have little tantrums.

“Making them more personable and relatable, they are parents too and experience the same struggles.”

Zara and Mike show lots of PDA together when together in public, and Amanda explained whether this sets a good example of loving parenting.

She claimed: “Being open and affectionate teaches children it’s ok to express themselves and most importantly talk about feelings.

“Showing them how to give affection, and teaching them to love comes with maturity – I always told my children, and still do, I love them daily this is something they love to hear and it makes them feel secure and safe.”

Amanda explained if having more children is a viable option for Zara and Mike right now with three small children.

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She opined: “Having more children will, of course, have its challenges and it will be a busy household.

“But it has advantages with having older children step in and help as this will help encourage their skills in having responsibilities.

“It’s about being organised and giving everyone a little role to play in helping with the new arrival.

“This also creates a great bond and get’s everyone involved and can stop any jealousy.

“I actually think age doesn’t matter as the age gap will shorten as time goes by.

“In fact, it can even make it stronger due to the age they understand them more and all their personalities, so if they do have more children they will grow together which is lovely.”

Laura Davies, the founder of The Kid Collective, also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why it’s important that Zara and Mike express strong affection for each other.

She commented: “Zara and Mike’s affectionate nature will absolutely be a positive force in their children’s lives.

“It will teach them important lessons around sexuality, touch and, indeed, consent.

“There is absolutely no shame in being physically affectionate around your child.

“In fact, healthy affection can serve as a really helpful way to teach children respectful ways to love those around them, and in turn how to be loved.

“I love how playfully affectionate the couple are, these positive messages of caring are teaching the children valuable lifelong lessons.”

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