Married at First Sight UK has been providing the laughs and the drama for just over a month now, with fans of the show clearing their evening schedules from Monday to Thursday to ensure they don't miss out on any of the action.

While we never miss an episode, it's a known fact that the show was filmed a few months back, which means that we're not actually watching the series in real time. So, it's possible that some of the current couples may have gone their separate ways post filming.

However, thanks to our trusty friend Instagram – and the fact that we follow every single MAFS cast member under the sun – we're sometimes able to get a snippet of their present day lives.

For example, this weekend, Arthur Poremba, who got hitched to Laura Vaughan this season, celebrated his birthday in London alongside some of his fellow E4 cast mates. After intensely studying the myriad of carousels and blurry shots (always the sign of a good night), let's take a look at all of the clues about the MAFS couples, including who we reckon are still together and who may have split…

Jay and Luke

Obviously, this is just speculation and we're not confirming anything, but by the looks of it, Jay Howard and Luke Worley are still very much an item.

Arthur posted plenty of snaps from his birthday do, and in some of the group shots, you can clearly see that the couple were both in attendance.

Plus, the third slide in Arthur's carousel shows Jay and Luke standing next to each other, so we're guessing that they're still going strong. Yay!

Alongside these snaps, Luke actually provided some pretty hard evidence a couple of days ago confirming his relationship status. Dropping a slow motion video of himself walking down the corridor in London's Kabo restaurant, MAFS alumni Mark Kiley commented: "fit" on the footage.

Luke then swiftly replied: "Stop flirting Iโ€™m married."

Laura and Arthur

Arthur's wife Laura Vaughan was noticeably absent from the swanky event, which suggests their marriage might not have made it after they wrapped up filming.

There were also recent rumours circulating that Arthur was seen kissing another woman at a London nightclub during his birthday celebrations.

According to MailOnline, an onlooker shared that Arthur and the mystery woman "spent the entire night together," after she joined the party.

Plus, the publication also revealed that Arthur and Laura's liaison has confirmed their split.

Peggy and Georges

Married couple Peggy Lawrence and Georges Berthonneau were also captured in the same images together.

Does this mean they're still an item?

Both were pictured quite close to one another in all of the snaps, and they still follow each other on Instagram, so it's looking pretty likely. Fingers crossed!

Tasha and Paul

Again, Tasha Jay and Paul Liba were both snapped together at Arthur's party.

Seen apart in the group shot, but standing side by side during Arthur's second pic on the slide, we reckon we can confidently confirm they're still a thing.

Oh, and Tasha and Paul still follow each other on the gram, with plenty of fans also noticing that they both leave sweet comments under their pics. Back when the pair got hitched, Paul posted a romantic shot of the two at the altar alongside the caption: "Thank you to the beautiful bride @itstashajay for saying YES," to which Tasha replied: "Thanks for turning up."

However, during the event, Tasha was pictured holding hands with Arthur, which forced them both to deny any dating rumours. Tbh, because the MAFS cast aren't actually allowed to reveal whether or not they're still together until the show has finished airing, it's probably why people end up making assumptions…

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