"Of all times to have a backless dress."

Hours before stepping out on the red carpet for the Tokyo premiere of “Mordecai” in January 2015, Amber Heard says she and Johnny Depp got into a fight that left her concerned about bruising.

Taking the stand on Thursday as part of Depp’s ongoing defamation trial, Heard said the two “got into an argument” in their hotel room after she “said something snotty to him that provoked him.” She said she walked into the hallway to get away from him, but “he grabbed me by the arm and slammed me against the hallway wall.”

“I managed to get out of his grasp enough to take a few steps. By the time I made it to the closet, he had me by the hair and it felt like he was wailing on me, in a sloppy way, hitting the back of my head, wrestled me down to the floor,” she continued.

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Heard said she “didn’t even have a fair shot” in the fight, saying he came at her from behind and she “didn’t see it coming.”

“He was screaming at me, really screaming, loud,” she said. “At one point, he put his knee on my back, kneeling on my back … He was screaming at me that he hated me, it was over, he didn’t want to marry me, he was disgusted. He made a mistake and everyone hated me.”

Despite the alleged incident, Heard still went to the premiere with him that night, where she was photographed smiling alongside Depp in a backless dress.

“I remember in the car checking my phone obsessively for pictures because my dress was backless. Of all times to have a backless dress,” she told the court, starting to get emotional. “I was looking at pictures of us on the red carpet and it was surreal because I was checking for bruises and making sure there would be no marks on me.”

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Around the same time, Heard was filming “The Danish Girl” in London and said Depp’s jealousy emerged while he stayed in Los Angeles. Describing one phone call where they were talking, before the phone cut out, Heard said she called him back minutes later and was “so confused” by what happened next.

“He answered and he said, ‘How could you tell me that, how could you say that to me? Who the f— is he?'” she said. “He asked me that a few times and I was so confused. he says, ‘Who is the guy, the one in New York, you’re f—ing?'”

“He tells me that I have just told him that I had a boyfriend or a lover in New York and he’s accusing me of having just told him about it, which is crazy. Not only was that not accurate, I would never have communicated with him like that,” said Heard. “It was just the most bizarre thing. He was so worked up, incoherent and accusing me of having this conversation with him.”

She later referred to it as a moment where he was “hallucinating,” before saying his behavior was “not connected to reality” while she was working on that film.

“I got the sense he thought I was sleeping with the director, then it was the actor I was filming with, Eddie Redmayne. I was not. Not that it mattered,” she added.

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Her testimony is ongoing.

Depp is seeking $50 million in damages after Heard claimed she was a survivor of domestic abuse in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018. While she didn’t name Depp in the piece, his lawyers argue it was implied to be about him and negatively affected his career. She countersued Depp for $100 million.

The actor has already lost an earlier lawsuit he took in the UK over the same article that appeared in The Sun.

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