Ava Phillippe Responded to Comments About Her Boyfriend Looking Like Dad Ryan Phillippe

Ava Phillippe is not standing for followers who keep insisting that she and her boyfriend look like a throwback photo of her parents, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. On top of making her relationship Instagram-official, which is a major step already, she managed to capture her mood regarding everyone's obsession with her bearing an uncanny resemblance to her mom. The post went up on Sunday and, according to Entertainment Tonight, all it took was one choice comment for everyone to see exactly what Ava thought of everyone else's opinions.

"Big thx," was her simple response to one commenter who stood out from the rest. How? The comment was a dissenting opinion in a sea of others that gushed about how similar Ava and her beau look like her parents back in the day. While most of the comments read like a '90s nostalgia account, Ava took the time to respond to the one that read, "He does not look like your dad."

"It's crazy how much this looks like Ryan and Reese too funny! So cute!" one Instagram user wrote.

"Is it just me or does her new beau have a little bit of Ryan in him?" added another.

"He looks so much like your dad omg," one person noted. 

"Looks like a young Ryan wow," another shared.

"Omg so cute," a follower commented. "That picture makes me remember when Reese&Ryan were together."

Not everyone was aboard the train. "I'm sure she LOVES getting told her boyfriend looks like a young version of her dad," a commenter wrote.

In the original post, Ava's seen at one of Cinespia summer movie screenings in L.A.'s Hollywood Forever Cemetery. She captioned the post with, "This week >." Not every post was a comment on the couple's resemblance (or not) to one of Hollywood's favorite duos. Mindy Kaling noted that the entire shot looked like it came straight from a clothing catalog and that she'd "buy it all." Kathryn Newton, Witherspoon's on-screen daughter in Big Little Lies, wrote, "Cuteeeeeee."

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this week >

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Reese and Ryan had Ava and her brother, Deacon, before they split in 2007. 

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