AT first glance, this unassuming house looks like your average two-bedroom home.

But a peek inside will be enough to make any Friends fan exclaim "Oh. My. God." as it is kitted out like the set of the hit TV show, with a Central Perk-themed living room and a clone of Monica's kitchen.

On the market for a cool £250,000 ($330,000), the three-bathroom property in Houston, Texas, transports nostalgic fans of the beloved series to New York as visitors get the opportunity to walk in the shoes of Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross.

The living room looks like it's been lifted straight out of Central Perk, the favoured hang-out spot of the six friends, complete with a crushed velvet sofa for guests to sink into.

Fans can enjoy a steaming mug of coffee while looking at a remarkably life-like mural of the shop's windows looking out onto a tree and a yellow NYC cab apparently parked up outside.

In the next room, an impressive mural featuring the iconic water fountain from the opening credits is emblazoned across the wall along with the show's logo.

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On the staircase is a humorous drawing of Ross yelling "Pivot!", a nod to the hysterical scene where he, Rachel and Chandler try to get a sofa up a flight of stairs with great difficulty.

Meanwhile, true fans will spot the lilac and blue colour scheme in the kitchen, in tribute to Monica and Rachel's kitchen.

A more modern addition is the property's garage which features a 220-volt charger for Tesla vehicles.

The Zillow ad reads: "F·R·I·E·N·D·S – If you loved the TV show, then you'll love this house!

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"There are wall murals reminiscent of scenes from the show along with decor and furnishings to make you feel like you're there.

"The current owners didn't 'monkey' around when paying attention to details. So have fun looking around and stay alert for those details!

"Start your day with breakfast prepared in Monica's Kitchen. After a day of foosball or hanging out with friends at Central Perk, it might be time to check the local entertainment.

"This location holds more fun with bars and restaurants within walking distance of the home. White Oak Bayou Greenway Trail is also nearby.

"This is a place for having fun and making new memories. Could this be the home for your next chapter?"

For Friends fanatics, the property is nostalgia in real-estate form, but other online commentators weren't so sure.

One wrote: "It's funny, and I would wager there is a huge market of unmarried women in their mid-40s who would be interested in this townhome."

Another admirer tweeted: "I would buy this and not change a single thing."

Heather Hughson wrote: " What is it that compels so many people to make theme homes like this?

"Does it really bring them so much joy to live in a theme park 24/7?

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"What happens when they get tired of the franchise?"

Jorge Asada said: "I'd buy this but my job's a joke, I'm broke and my love life's DOA."

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