Maisa Abd Elhadi, the Palestinian actress whose credits include the Channel 4 series Baghdad Central and Netflix original The Angel, is recovering after reportedly being shot by Israeli police during a protest in Haifa.

The region is experiencing its worst violence since the 2014 Gaza war. This week, at least 35 Palestinians including 12 children were killed, according to Palestinian officials, and several Israelis have also died, while hundreds more protestors have been injured by police, who have faced accusations of brutality.

Tensions have been rising in the country ahead of a looming court order that would expel dozens of Palestinian families from their homes in a majority Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

A photo purportedly of Abd Elhadi being treated in the back of an ambulance circled widely on social media this week. She has since posted on her Instagram account about the incident, highlighting a post that said Israeli soldiers had fired upon her with live ammunition and she had been injured in the leg, but she is now “on the road to recovery”. The actress posted several videos of her at demonstrations earlier this week.

The situation has drawn the attention of international leaders. UK PM Boris Johnson today urged Israel and Palestinians to “step back from the brink”.

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