WE'VE searched high and low for the best air fresheners so your home will always smell like a sunny spring day.

A great alternative to candles and oil burners, air fresheners tend to smell stronger and last longer, making them a great choice for scenting your home daily.

From room sprays and automatic sprays to plug-ins and gels, there are so many available that choosing the right one can be a bit of a minefield. So we’ve picked our top types for each room.

If you’re looking to absorb strong smells, as well as keep your home sweetly fragranced, then choose a purifying air freshener. Otherwise a plug-in, gel or spray will suffice to simply keep your room scented.

And it’s not just your home that could benefit from an air freshener – pop one in your car or even in your locker at work or at the gym for sumptuous scents everywhere you go.

Whether you want a burst of freshness just when you need it or a continuous fragrance that lasts for days or even weeks, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best air fresheners available right now.

1. Glade Plugins Berry Pop Scented Oil Air Freshener, £3

  • Glade Plugins Berry Pop scented oil air freshener, £3 from Asda – buy here

Want continuous fragrance that lasts for weeks? Then a plug-in air freshener is what you need.

When popped into an electrical socket anywhere in your home, the essential oils will diffuse into your room, no matter how big, and leave the air smelling sweet.

There’s over 20 fragrances to choose from, including Clean Linen and Hawaiian Breeze, all of which will last up to 30 days.

2. Airwick Freshmatic Spring Delight Kit, £8

  • Airwick Freshmatic Spring Delight kit, £8 from Tesco – buy here

Whether we like it or not, the bathroom is the one room in the house that doesn’t always smell its best, and that’s where an automatic air freshener come into its own.

It’ll release bursts of perfume throughout the day that will not only keep the air smelling fresh but neutralise odours too.

Choose from 10 delightful fragrances that last for up to 60 days.

3. Cotton Fresh Odour Absorbing Gel, £5.99

  • Cotton Fresh odour absorbing gel, £5.99 from Lakeland – buy here

If you have an open-plan kitchen, getting rid of cooking odours can be a problem, so give your extractor fan a helping hand with an odour-absorbing gel freshener.

Simply pop this discreet and compact air purifier between your kitchen and living space and let it absorb and neutralise unwanted smells and leave a subtle fragrance in their place.

And it lasts an impressive three months too.

4. Dark Orchid & Patchouli 180ml Diffuser, £16

  • Dark Orchid & Patchouli 180ml diffuser, £16 from Next – buy here

When a bulky automatic air freshener or an uninteresting-looking plug-in just won’t do, go for a chic reed diffuser instead.

This pretty number even has faux flowers nestled among the reeds for extra style points, meaning it won’t look out of place on a coffee table or hallway console.

And the best thing? Your room will smell amazing for up to 14 weeks.

5. Febreze Car Fresh Escape Air Freshener, £5.69

  • Febreze Car Fresh Escape air freshener in Open Sky, £5.69 from Amazon – buy here

Just because you don’t spend as much time in it as you do your home, doesn’t mean you should neglect your car, especially if you cover a lot of miles in it.

Similar to a plug-in, an in-car air freshener clips on to the heat vents and circulates air around your vehicle.

It eliminates odours, freshens, lasts up to 70 days and has five fragrance intensity settings – perfect for getting rid of that wet-dog smell after you’ve taken Fido for a walk.

6. Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Fragrance Spheres, £4.99

  • Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Fragrance Spheres, £4.99 from Amazon – buy here

These tiny neutralising beads may be small but they’re definitely mighty, and can neutralise odours and keep your home refreshed for up to 30 days.

The top of the pot has clever cutouts that allow the fragrance to drift out, and once all the beads have shrunk, you’ll know it’s time to replace.

This fragrance, in particular, is beautifully soft – just like clean cotton.

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