WHEN it comes to a fitness workout that builds strength, sharpens co-ordination and heightens endurance – not to mention letting off steam – there’s nothing quite like boxing.

A wrong pair of gloves won’t simply be uncomfortable but could leave you prone to injury, so depending on your boxing needs, buying the right pair is a must.


If you don’t know your size, the general rule of thumb is for starters, 8oz for women and teens, 10oz for men, going higher up in ounces the more you train. But it’s worth popping into your local sports store to try a few on for size and feel.

Trying them on will also help you ascertain which material and style you prefer – leather or synthetics, velcro or lace-up, and of course colour.

Once you know your correct glove weight and size, pick one of these to suit your boxing needs. In most instances, we've selected gloves at the higher end of the market, but they've been selected for reputation of brand, so do check the manufacturer's websites for more affordable versions made by them.

Suitable for men and women, we guarantee they’ll pack a punch…

Best boxing gloves for pad work

  • Winning Boxing Gloves, £224.99 at Fight Outlet – buy here

Made in Japan under strict quality control, Winning training boxing gloves are renowned for being comfortable with incredible insulation; regardless of how intense your session is, sweat and odour won't linger.

Made of premium leather, water repellent nylon covering, with a hook and loop closure, Winning is designed to hit hard on a punchbag while making your fists feel like they're ploughing into pillows.

Best boxing gloves for sparring

  • Di Nardo Pro Fight Boxing Gloves, £730 at Geezers Boxing – buy here

Sparring gloves are designed to protect both you and your partner, not to knock them out – although there's nothing that says they can't blind your opponent with dazzle.

Made in Italy and known as the Ferrari of boxing gloves, Di Nadro gloves are crafted in the finest leather, with quilted horsehair padding, Kevlar thread stitching and 100% polyester inner lining.

You may well floor your opponent through sheer envy.

Best boxing gloves for high intensity training

  • Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, £61,99 at Fight Equipment UK – buy here

Fitness fans aren't after full-size heavy duty professional boxing gloves, but ones that feel light and strike fast.

Made in Thailand with skintex leather and padded in triple density foam, the reinforced seams and mesh panels combined with their ergonomic shape mould into the fist to provide comfort and protection. A big hit in the gym.

Best gloves for martial arts

  • Fairtex X Glory Black, £100 at Thai Boxing Store – buy here

There are many different types of gloves used for mixed martial arts including fingerless MMA gloves, but the standard is a pair of Muay Thai gloves, with fist protection as they're primary concern.

Made of Micro Fibre to help make it odourless, Fairtex gloves earn their reputation for their flexible and smooth feel, yet powerful striking ability thanks to superior wrist support. Made in Thailand.  

Best boxing gloves for looking cool

  • Original Deportes Casanova Gloves, £114+shipping cost at NecalliBoxing – buy here

What's good enough for Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed is good enough for any aspiring boxer, an extra layer of cool added to these Mexican bad boys by them being banned in professional bouts in the USA.

The ban comes from not having an attached thumb and being too thin, but that doesn't stop professional boxers from swearing by them for unparalleled wrist support and protection.

It's the lace up and hook and lock wrist strap that really makes this feel sexy. Eye of the Tiger soundtrack not included.

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