MECHANICAL keyboards are built with durability in mind, with certain varieties being popular with gamers thanks to improved responsiveness.

Instead of rubber domes and membrane switches, which are commonplace among cheap keyboards you'll find included in computing bundles, mechanical keyboards have physical switches you press with each keystroke.

The benefits of going mechanical start with increased durability; you can expect one of the best mechanical keyboards to outlast the machine it's hooked up to, with their keys often ready to take 50 million keystrokes.

Certain types of mechanical keyboard are geared towards typists, with more pressure required to press the switches, leading to fewer typos and accidental presses.

Gamers are catered for too, with ultra-responsive keys included with certain models, which are a must for fast-twitch gamers who require quick reflexes and instant feedback.

The drawback of mechanical keyboards include increased price, increased weight and increased noise.

But if you want the best for typing or gaming, you'll be rewarded by going mechanical.

1. Redragon K552-UK KUMARA

  • Redragon K552-UK KUMARA, £39.99 from Amazon – buy here

The red backlit keyboard makes the Kumara a mean looking keyboard, but at £39.99 you won’t be afraid of the price.

Solid build quality and engineered firmly with the gamer in mind, the key switches are user-replaceable and engineered for 50 million clicks.

2. DREVO Tyrfing

  • DREVO Tyrfing, £49.99 from Amazon – buy here

US reviewers called this the best budget mechanical keyboard, and we find it hard to argue.

It’s well-built, attractive and does the job.

Choose your preferred Cherry switches for ultimate response, and customise it to your playing style with 5 programmable macro keys.

3. Fnatic miniSTREAK

  • Fnatic miniSTREAK, £89.99 from Amazon – buy here

Small and perfectly formed, the Fnatic miniSTREAK uses the industry standard CHERRY MX brown key switches for long-term use.

Optimised for esports, the unit’s competition mode allows you to focus on the game, and remove all unnecessary features.

Comes packaged with its own adjustable wrist support for comfort and performance.

4. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

  • Corsair K70, £149.99 from Amazon – buy here

The ultimate mechanical keyboard for gaming? We think so.

The Corsair K70 is built from aircraft-aluminium, features Cherry switches and dynamic backlighting.

You can store up to three profiles on the unit, accessing them when you need to.

The Corsair is built for thousands of hours of gameplay.

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