Best Valentine’s Day flowers 2021: where to buy cheapest bouquets and roses

VALENTINE'S Day is just a day away, which means you should already have planned how you're going to romance your other half.

But if you're still unsure, a bouquet of roses is always a good place to start.

But price for flowers range massively, with small bunches starting from just £2 at Asda while Interflora's bunch will set you back £55.

It's well worth shopping around as you can get very similar bunches with the same number of stems and colours for different costs.

To make things even more complicated, prices vary depending on when you order your roses.

Somewhat surprisingly, they're at their cheapest on Valentine's Day itself as supermarkets and florists look to shift leftover stock.

The concern with this approach is that you're relying on there being attractive bunches left on the shelf.

Being more organised means you can plan your finances better and be safe in the knowledge that your flowers will arrive on time.

However, with fewer than 24 hours to go, the chances are you've left it too late to order them online unless you can pay extra for same day delivery.

If you're looking for a great deal, supermarkets are the cheapest place to go, but you might end up compromising on quality.

High street retailers tend to sell short-stemmed “sweetheart” roses, which don't last as long – while florists have bouquets with long stems and bigger heads.

If money is tight, don't panic – we've rounded up the cheapest roses we could find online this year.

Bear in mind that flowers ordered online today are not likely to arrive on time. However, some online retailers have already slashed prices to reflect this. Here's our pick of the best.

Where to find the cheapest bunches of roses

  • Asda Like last year, Asda is selling bunches of roses for £2. For more Valentine's Day ideas, the supermarket has a page you can check out.
  • Sainsbury's – is selling bunches of 10 sweetheart roses for £2.50 on its website at the moment. You can also get a dozen red roses for £5.
  • Aldi Aldi is selling a dozen roses for £3.99. This bouquet is only available in stores.
  • Morrisons – The only roses currently available on Morrisons at the moment are a bouquet for £5. It doesn't say how many stems you get, but there are 13 in the product picture.
  • Tesco – Tesco is selling a dozen red roses for just £5 this year. If you want something a bit more special, you can also get 12 sparkling roses for £10. The bouquets are only available in store.
  • BloomPost – BloomPost is selling letterbox roses, perfect for a romantic delivery in coronavirus times. The boxes cost £14.95 for 13 stems and come in a variety of colours.
  • Funky Pigeon – Funky Pigeon also has a dozen letterbox roses available costing just £19.99.
  • M&S – A Valentine's Dozen Red Roses bouquet from the supermarket costs £25.
  • Waitrose – Waitrose has its own florist which means you'll definitely find roses available for Valentine's Day. At the moment, the cheapest deal available a bunch of roses and lilies for £25, delivered to your door.
  • Moonpig – You can order this bunch of 12 red Roses from Moonpig for £20, down from £26 but they won't arrive in time for tomorrow.
  • eFlorists – This online retailer is selling a Valentine's Day Princess Bouquet for £39.99, or you can get six red roses for the same price.
  • Interflora Interflora already has a large selection of roses available for pre-order on its website. The cheapest bunch we could find of guaranteed roses costs a whopping £55 per dozen.

We will keep checking back with retailers and update this list as more Valentine's Day deals become available.

What to do if you aren't happy with your flowers

There's nothing worse than disappointing flowers, but if yours aren't at the quality you expect, you might be able to get your money back.

Consumer group Which? advises you take the following steps to get a refund:

  • Take a picture as evidence of poor condition or damage to your flowers as this will help  support your complaint.
  • If a loved one or friend has sent you flowers that have arrived in a poor condition or late, make sure you tell them. Otherwise the retailer may say they can’t access the order information and won’t resolve the problem.
  • If you order a specific number of flowers but fewer than this amount are delivered to you, you’re entitled to a partial refund for the missing flowers.

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