Kate Middleton 's body language at the Chelsea Flower Show is 'remarkably similar' to Princess Diana, according to an expert.

The Duchess of Cambridge's 'shy, giggling laugh' and frequent downward glances during an interview with presenter Monty Don are trademarks of her husband's late mother,  says Judi James.

But the mum-of-three also displays contrasting personality traits that suggest she's still building her confidence as a performer, the author adds.

Kate was speaking to Don as she she presented her eagerly-anticipated design at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show .

The normally "modest and shy" Duchess of Cambridge unveiled the Back to Nature Garden to the Queen and other senior royals on the event's opening day in west London this evening.

She spoke passionately about her project and revealed her hopes that the design will encourage technology-obsessed youngsters to venture outside.

The project has forced her to become more assertive and cast aside her image as the "silent star of the senior royals", according to Judi.

Kate has a "modest and quite shy personality at times but also a firm and more assertive woman with leadership potential at others," she says.

"We see her smiling perfectly and designer-dressed at royal functions but in this casual setting, talking of something that she is clearly passionate about, she performs a range of often contrasting or conflicting body language signals.

"Kate has been taking a much more central and independent-looking role in the royal line-up recently and by hosting this garden she’s much more revealing about her more spontaneous fun side.

"It appears she’s becoming more comfortable than ever in opening up and taking risks with her profile, although her lack of eye contact with Monty Don in these clips suggest she’s still building her performer confidence.

"She only looks down when she’s talking though. When Monty talks to her she uses eye contact to suggest active listening which is a trait that will flatter and boost the confidence of the speaker.

"I was surprised at how similar her rather shy, giggling laugh and frequent downward glances were to the signature body language look of Princess Diana."

Earlier today, the Queen inspected Kate's Back to Nature Garden and gave it a royal nod of approval.

The Duchess nervously gave it a quick clean by stuffing stray leaves and twigs into her handbag moments before the monarch's visit.

She then called over one of her aides to hurriedly give her the bag crammed with dead leaves.

Kate, looking radiant in a stunning Erdem dress, greeted the Queen with a kiss and a curtesy alongside her husband Prince William.

She told the Queen: “There’s been a big team, there’s been so many volunteers… we threw ourselves into the deep end! I’ve had a lot of help.”

As they departed, the Queen remarked: “Very interesting”.

Kate was heard to say "Thank you very much, your majesty. We will see you later."

It was also revealed that the Duchess was involved at every stage of the design – including the difficult gardening work alongside a team.

The garden features a tree house, swing seat, waterfall, rustic den and a campfire as well as tree stumps, stepping stones and a hollow log for children to play on.

On Sunday, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis spent almost an hour playing in their mother's garden, as shown in six candid images taken by Matt Porteous and released by Kensington Palace.

Adorable pictures showed the youngsters exploring the installation on Sunday, ahead of the public unveiling.

Prince George also charmingly gave his verdict on his mum's RHS Chelsea Flower Show in an adorable clip.

His father asked “what would you give the garden out of 10?”, to which he replied: “Twenty!”

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