Bride accused of discrimination for not inviting dad’s three partners to wedding

Finalising a guest list for a wedding isn't a walk in the park.

Some couples agree on a limit, while others will accept plus-ones for their special day.

One bride has had a stressful experience drawing up a guest list for her nuptials.

The unnamed woman, 27, turned to Reddit for advice after an argument with her dad who wants to bring his three girlfriends along.

She said that polyamory was normalised in the family growing up and that her grandad had two women he called his "wife".

Now the post has surfaced on the That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming group on Facebook.

The British bride revealed how her dad accused her of "discrimination" for not allowing his multiple partners to attend.

She said: "Tiny bit of Mormonism from my grandad's generation but not followed by my dad or uncles and no other religious involvement."

The bride then revealed that her grandad had two women he called wives, as well as a girlfriend, in addition to her grandma.

After the grandad died, her grandma admitted she never agreed with her late husband having several mistresses.

She added the grandma felt she "had been trapped" after falling pregnant "too young" and was "forced" to get married.

The bride's dad and two uncles shunned their mum after her confession.

Also the bride revealed that her own parents divorced after her mum claimed to feel the same way about her husband's polyamorous affairs.

She said: "After they divorced I ended up going no contact with my dad for several years until he reached out to me in 2019 because he was diagnosed with lung cancer."

Since then, the bride had rebuilt a relationship with her dad but made it clear she didn't want to meet his girlfriends.

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However he still assumed they'd get an invite to her wedding – as did her uncles and their multiple partners.

Her dad said if his ex-wife could bring her new husband and her two children, he should get three guests too.

But when the bride told her dad it was completely different, he apparently got angry.

Since she shared her dilemma online, many people sided with her.

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One wrote: "That's not polyamory that's a cult. Sincerely, a polyamorous person."

Another added: "Wtf?? You're under no obligation to even have plus ones if you don't want to never mind a plus three."

A third assured: "It's not a picnic. Guest list is the guest list."

While a fourth added: "Pick one girl and come with her or don't come at all. Like she said, why should she have to pay for four extra people that she hasn't even met."

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