A businessman has been praised for his kind-hearted gesture for 'exhausted' firefighters who had spent the night battling a huge blaze.

James Williams was on his way to work when he saw the tired group and decided to take action.

The crews had spent the night tackling the huge forest fire on Kilvey Hill and were due to change shift at 9am on Friday when James saw them and decided to get them a pick-me-up.

He drove straight to Greggs in Swansea and bought them all some piping hot bacon baps, reports Wales Online.

"I just passed them this morning and they all looked a bit tired. They were just hanging on at that point I think, because they had been up all night," said the 33-year-old, who was on his way to work at 8:30am.

"I went to Greggs and bought 10 bacon rolls, then shot back up there to deliver them and then went back to work.

"I knew they were changing shifts at 9am, so I had to get up there quickly," he added.

He didn't tell staff at Greggs where his order was heading, but simply paid for it out of his own pocket and drove back to Kilvey Hill.

Mr Williams, who owns his own company, JMW Heating and Plumbing Ltd, lives in St Thomas, just two streets away from the six homes which were evacuated as the fire spread towards them.

He had watched  the fires ravage the hillside  from his own front door, and wanted to thank the fire crews for their bravery and dedication.

Posting on Facebook , he said: "We helped feed the firefighters this morning who have worked tirelessly throughout to tackle a huge blaze on Kilvey Hill. Some families were forced to evacuate whilst others faced the nervousness of waiting to be evacuated.

"Huge thank you to everyone that has helped tackle the blaze."

His thoughtful gesture touched everyone, and not just the hungry firefighters.

Geraint Price, a firefighter with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, praised Mr Williams for his "huge heart" and described it as "real community in action".

The grateful crews told Mr Williams they had got the fire largely under control and were glad to see the rain when it arrived on Friday morning.

"They were quite happy to see the rain, but they were even happier when the bacon butties arrived," said Mr Williams.

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