A woman was called being "trashy" when she sublet her son's room and used a bedsheet to partition the living room before charging her new tenant for using amenities in the house.

Kia Cambridge, appeared on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, said she could earn some extra cash while her son, Alex, was off to college.

In order to spend as little as possible to divide the area in the house, the stingy mum places a bedsheet in the middle of the living room and puts it up as a wall.

Margarita Fileto, one of the few potential tenants who comes to view the house, is shocked by the sight when she steps into the house.

She points at the bedsheet and asks: "What's that?"

Kia explains that it's a "divider", adding: "The other things on the other side of the sheet are not included unless you pay for them.

"So the washer, dryer, they are on the other side of the sheet."

If the tenant doesn't wish to use those facilities, Kia has put a mini fridge, a hot plate and some kitchenware next to the bed in the room.

Kia continues and breaks down on the rental fee: "What you're paying for here is the common area, the bedroom and the bathroom."

At the end of the viewing, Kia has one viewer interested to rent the room and she is happy, saying: "Grant is exactly the tenant I was looking for, exactly.

"Now I found him."

Her son Alex said he "feels bad" for the tenant, saying: "She's just a cheapskate and she is such a pain in the butt sometimes.

"It's very possible that some of the new tenants will back out the minute that she starts going over the rules."

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