If there’s one treatment that seems to have risen from obscurity this past year it’s thread lifts. The controversial method of lifting and tightening skin is seen as a Marmite treatment amongst aesthetic experts: some love it and some loathe it.

Why? Though in many cases these tiny threads – thin, dissolvable sutures attached underneath the skin – do give areas like the cheeks and jowls a nice long-lasting lift, there can be complications, including skin dimpling, pain and suture migration.

However, it seems Chloe Sims is only reaping the youth-boosting benefits of this professional treatment as she’s just taken to Instagram to share the impressive results of having a mini thread facelift at Essex's Vogue Aesthetics clinic.

Chloe explains to her 1.2 million followers that she’s had a combination of Profhilo – an injectable hyaluronic acid that works to plump, hydrate and firm the skin – and PDO threads (PDO stands for polydioxanone: the material used to make the threads) to lift the upper areas of her face and cheeks.

“So Profhilo is in and the effects kick in after 12 hours. I’m acting brave but I'm about to c**p my pants. I’m going to have threads done now because apparently I'm too young for a face lift. I've got to go through the pain awake,” she tells her followers, showing herself in the clinic.

“This is before and this is after. Look at that lift. I think I'm 21 again!” she continues, jumping back on her Stories a short while later to give a side-by-side look at one side of her face post threads.

“OK so we’re done and I’m really happy with it. Just to clear something up because I know you love to say in the press that I've had fillers. I haven't had fillers in ages, years now. I have threads and I have Profhilo. For those of you interested, that’s it,” she clarifies.

Looking at Chloe’s before and after, it’s clear that the threads have done a decent job at giving her cheekbones a more defined appearance. Considering the fact she’s only just turned 40, we agree with Chloe when she says she’s too young for more extreme lifting in the form of a surgical facelift – something that comes with lots of recovery time.

As for the Profhilo aspect of her treatment, Chloe isn’t the first celeb to dish out praise on the non-surgical skin booster. Love Island’s Amy Day, TOWIE’s Gemma Collins and presenter Vogue Williams all swear by this injectable moisturiser treatment thanks to its skin-plumping benefits.

It seems like Chloe really is onto the secrets of lasting youth!


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