A super-competitive mum ensured her victory in the parents' race at her daughter's sports day – by pushing another mum out of the way and sending her flying.

Katie McDermott, 25, was prepared to do anything to win.

So when she noticed another mum was about to beat her, she decided to pushed her down to secure her victory.

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Speaking out about the incident, the red-haired mum said: "I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be. I could see she was winning – so I just gave her a quick nudge and she took off in the air.

"I don't know what possessed me to do it, I was just thinking about how I wanted to win so badly. I didn't know the mum very well – everyone was shocked but we just carried on as normal afterwards."

However, she did apologise for her behaviour – even if it wasn't the most remorseful apology.

She added: "If you see this, sorry that I pushed you – I didn't mean to send you flying. I don't regret it though, because I won!"

She later confirmed in the comments on Coventry Live's coverage of the video that the mum she pushed wasn't a stranger and was actually a friend of hers.

Kate wrote: "It wasn't a random mum it was my best friend and we both found it funny."

But locals who have now seen the video in local media have shamed the mum for her actions as they believe she set a bad example for the children on the playing field.

One person commented on Coventry Live post: "What a great example to her child, not."

Another wrote: "No she didn’t win she’s a loser. A disgusting cheat who should apologise to the real winner.

"School should ban her from future sports days."

However, some saw the funny side and even claimed that they would have done the same.

One bloke said: "I can't stop watching the video it's so funny."

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Another added: "This might be me next year."

Last month, at another sports day, a mum was left red-faced after the crowds of children and paren's saw her bum when she fell down during a parent's race.

Katie Hannaford, from Essex, was seen wearing a blue dress as she began dropping back behind the other runners, before faceplanting the floor.

But if that wasn't embarrassing enough, her skirt went up and flashed her black thong at the crowd.


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