Couple loses a combined 200 pounds with extreme meal prepping

Meet the meal-prep king and queen from the UK who have lost a combined 200 pounds by cooking the entire week’s food in one go.

John Clark, 39, has lost more than 112 pounds and his partner Charlotte Deniz, 34, shed 88 pounds by being ultra-organized cooks. The couple spends about $165 a month on food, and use every penny to create colorful, pre-packaged meals.

Clark spends six hours every Sunday cooking a week’s worth of meals and makes sure every breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack contains 400 calories.

Their diet even includes “fakeaway” (fake take-away) style foods like juicy burgers, spicy curries, big steaks and even chocolate donuts.

The creative couple changes their menu every week but signature dishes include beef meatballs, veggie kebabs and chicken pizza. They also like Italian sausage and chickpea casserole, buffalo chicken-stuffed sweet potato skins with cheese, and double-chocolate protein donuts.

Proud of their colorful cooking, the couple shares their meal preps online, where they have thousands of followers.

“We make absolutely everything from scratch and we eat whatever we want. It’s not a diet. I love what I eat and enjoy every mouthful,” Clark, a truck driver from Greater Manchester, England, who now weighs 187 pounds, said.


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