What it’s REALLY like to work in a call centre: Employees reveal secrets of the job – from looking up clients who sound ‘hot’ online to hanging up on annoying people

  • Former and current employees revealed what it’s like to work at a call centre
  • They shared their experiences anonymously on US-based sharing app Whisper
  • Some admitted to hanging up on clients that annoy them or muting their calls
  • One person revealed they looked up and messaged clients who sounded ‘hot’  

People who’ve worked at call centres have lifted the lid on life inside the office, revealing they use the mute button to make fun of ‘stupid callers’. 

Sharing their thoughts on the anonymous US-based sharing app Whisper, current and former employees from around the world offered an insight into their lives on the job. 

Some admitted they would hang up and mute annoying clients, while other said working at a call centre made them hate speaking on the phone. 

One said the job left them ‘screaming inside’, while another admitted that they looked up and messaged the clients they thought sounded ‘hot.’ 

Current and former call centre employees have shared an insight into the job on the US-based sharing app Whisper (One person admitted they didn’t tell their boss their phone couldn’t take calls for the last hour of the work day)

One person admitted their job at a call centre left them wondering how some people had made it this far in life and made them wish other customers would ‘burn in hell’

One employee admitted to looking up customers on social media and messaging them if they sounded ‘hot’ on the phone 

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A call centre employee who slacked on the job and called a radio station several times during working hours bragged that he was still getting paid because his company did not check his calls

An introverted employee admitted working at a call centre left them ‘screaming inside’ two hours into their work day

After three months on the job, one former call centre employee revealed they have an irrational fear of speaking on the phone 

One employee, from the US, revealed they sometimes put annoying callers on mute to make fun of them with their colleagues 

One person, from the US, revealed they would switch from their American accent and pretend to be based in India to rile up some rude customers 

Another person, from the US, bragged about earning a six-figure yearly salary while working at a call centre thanks to the ‘gift of gab’ 

One employee explained how frustrating it is for them when clients don’t answer their security questions correctly 

One fed up call centre employee, from the US, revealed they can hear clients eating, texting and speaking to their children 

An employee who currently works at a call centre admitted to hanging up the phone on some of their callers

Another person, from the US, compared working at a call centre to being at high school where people ‘create rumours about other people’ 

Another current call centre employee explained they loved working there because they didn’t have to deal with ‘idiots’ face-to-face

Whoops! One person admitted they were complimented on their work ethic while under the influence of drugs in the office 

A former employee admitted that the fear of mean people they had when they started their job evaporated because they found out dealing with rude customers much easier over the phone 

One former employee admitted that the downside of working at a call centre was that they didn’t want to speak to anyone

One person, from the US, regretted the lack of job security they experienced when working at a call centre

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