Many people let their hair grow a bit longer than it usually does while in lockdown.

However, one dad hasn't cut his hair or had a shave since well before the start of the first lockdown in March 2020.

Sheridon Glenn, 49, from London hasn't used a pair of clippers for 15 months and counting.

However, he's finally getting a trim for a good cause.

The father-of-two told My London he hasn't done anything to his "unruly" hair in at least 516 days.

He says his last haircut was "around January 10, 2020".

Sheridon has set himself an ambitious target of raising £25,000 for frontline workers.

Explaining how he's dealt with his wild hair, Sheridon said: "Brushing it out in the morning is a pain in the butt; sleeping is a pain – when you sleep you roll over and lay on your hair, it falls in your eye when you're working, my beard gets quite tangly.

"Now I have a collection of beard and hair products to keep it under control. It takes a little longer to get ready in the morning. I have to take time to wash and condition my beard.

"I’ll be glad and sad to see it go."

Sheridon, a computer software worker, said his eight-year-old daughter, Lourelie, has enjoyed plaiting braids into his beard and hair whilst his 10-year-old son, Wyatt, has helped with recording a "campaign video".

He added: "My kids don't remember what I look like without hair, they say the pictures don't look like me."

"My wife said 'I would like to know what his face looks like again'."

Sheridon said he inspired at the beginning of the pandemic by Captain Tom Moore's efforts to raise money for the NHS and wanted to do his bit too.

He said: "I thought the least I could do was not cut my hair, not trim or shave anything. The original plan was on the one-year anniversary of lockdown to shave then, that will be the big celebration, donate it to charity to refresh everyone's memory of what we’re going through.

"When we got to March 2021 we were still in lockdown so I said let's wait until we get a bit more daylight. It's been over 15 months now."

The dad has received comparisons to the members of rock band ZZ Top as well as Tom Hanks character in the 2000 film Cast Away since growing his beard and hair.

Sheridon, who is originally from Arkansas in America, hopes to cut his hair toward the end of June or in early July to tie in with whenever the proposed "Freedom Day" will be.

It's currently due to be June 21 but could be delayed due to rising Covid cases.

He plans to go for a completely shaven look.

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Sheridon said: "My plan is to turn the kids loose with clippers to do the shearing, I'll video it or live stream."

So far his campaign has raised over £3,000 in just under a day.

Talking about the support he's received so far, Sheridon said: " It's much more emotional than I imagined if I’m honest with you, I get a little emotional when people donate, people send little jokes.

"It’s a lot of people I know. People send little stories about it, it’s really emotional and humbling.

"You don't really realise how generous the world can be, we forget sometimes."

You can sponsor Sheridon here.

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