Daily horoscope for December 19: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The main event occurring in Saturday’s horoscope sees Jupiter arrive in star sign Aquarius. This is considered to be an auspicious event by astrologers, and for good reason.

Because both of the solar system’s giants reside in this zodiac position, all that remains is for them to meet.

And although this eagerly-anticipated occasion takes place in two days’ time, it effects should becoming apparent already.

Some experts suggest this cosmic combination should be made all the more dynamic as it coincides with the Solstice.

However, the gas giant will not linger here for long, so try and make the most of it.

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Few people may realise Jupiter only rarely spends a full 12 months in each sign.

Because the planet has so long in Capricorn, it seem a little unfair for it to rush through Aquarius.

But although its time here is a little short, Aquarius should be happy with the tangible results received so speedily.

However, just do not expect for this to all in one go.

Love and friendship win the day today as Jupiter enters high-minded Aquarius, the sign most commonly associated with brotherhood and camaraderie.

The Moon is personified as predicting lucky Jupiter’s travels as it serenely glides from Aquarius into Watery planet Pisces.

And the serendipity does not end there, as Jupiter enters Pisces for a two months for May, only to rush back homesick to Aquarius in August.

And so, the Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces mimicking Jupiter, in a manner thought capable of spreading some much-needed festive cheer.

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You should expect amazing things to happen during this period, due to the Sextile between the Aquarius Moon and the Sun and Mercury.

A Sextile is an aspect taking place when bodies are situated two signs apart.

As a result, you can look forward to witnessing the furtive first shoots of hope and buds of destiny appear.

Venus and Chiron Trine too, spreading healing love energy and good cheer.

Venus in Sagittarius forms a Tine with rogue space rock Chiron as Saturday starts to wane.

This is thought to provide really positive good health to all, helping repair both frazzled relationships and yourself.

This is despite the fact a Moon-Venus Square means relationships require a little attention to get the best out of them tonight.

However, the swift arrival of a Sextile with Uranus can always be relied upon to discovers solution to life’s little problems.

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