DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Shame of this flawed transgender clinic

The Tavistock transgender clinic now appears to have been little more than a human laboratory where thousands of vulnerable young people were treated as guinea pigs.

The announcement that it’s to be shut down is therefore a cause for celebration – and another indication that the tide may finally be turning against the madness of extreme trans activism.

It follows the tribunal victory of barrister Allison Bailey, who was victimised at work for disagreeing with the idea that someone’s biological sex can change.

So could it be that common sense may finally be starting to prevail over the cynical bullying of the militant trans lobby?

For years, those – including this newspaper – who dared to question the Tavistock’s practices were branded transphobes, and even accused of putting vulnerable young lives at risk.

We must NEVER let the rantings of a fringe minority silence free speech, reason and medical evidence

We now know the opposite was true. Fuelled by an ideologically-driven agenda, the clinic was risking long-term damage to children’s development without proper scrutiny or clinical governance.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the interim conclusions of the official review by consultant paediatrician Hilary Cass.

She found the service was not safe for young people (could there be a more damning indictment?), with children as young as ten being given largely untested drugs to block puberty.

Medics were pressurised to accept that children were serious in their desire to change gender, rather than go through the normal process of clinical assessment.

Crucially, doctors failed to look carefully enough at the mental state of the patients or examine other medical issues. Given that they included boys and girls with autism, that is unforgivable.

Mercifully, this outrage appears to be over. In years to come we will surely look back and wonder how it was ever allowed to happen at all.

But if there is one lesson to be learned, let it be this: We must NEVER let the rantings of a fringe minority silence free speech, reason and medical evidence.

Use profits to cut bills

No one should begrudge private firms making a healthy profit.

They have to fund not only staff wages, running costs, and shareholder dividends but also the research and development necessary to secure future competitiveness.

However, when profits are perceived to tip over into profiteering, public faith in the free market crumbles and the whole system is at risk of breaking down.

The vast gains announced by Shell and British Gas owner Centrica on the back of steepling oil and gas prices will be seen by many as obscene.

While millions of families are struggling to pay spiralling energy and fuel bills, their suppliers are swimming in extra profits they haven’t truly earned.

So the public will rightly ask why some of those profits are not being used to reduce consumer bills – which have already gone up by an average of 54 per cent and are set to soar still further.

It’s true these companies are already subject to a substantial windfall tax and there are calls for them to pay more.

But when they are making a fortune in the midst of a cost of living crunch, wouldn’t it be far better – and more ethical – simply to lower their prices?

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