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An NHS doctor has shared what the state of your nails tells you about your health.

Dr Karan Rajan took to TikTok to explain the subtle signs, whether it's colour or texture, on your nails could reflect underlying health issues.

Posting on Friday (August 27), the expert first analysed the white spots that people often find on their nails.

He says: "If you've noticed these cloud-like white spots on your nails, they are common and usually normal but it can also be caused by physical injury to the nail.

"But if you noticed a dark streak on your nail and it's been there for a long time and you've not injured yourself at all and it's growing in size or shape, you should get it checked out.

"In rare cases this can be a subungal melanoma – a type of skin cancer."

For some who suffer from nail pitting, which looks like little craters on the nail surface, Dr Karan explains it is a sign of possible psoriasis, arthritis or eczema.

And if you have yellow nails, it could be a fungal infection known as onychomycoses.

However the doctor adds that tobacco from smoking can also stain the nails.

"If your nails are cracking and flaking, this is a sign of brittle nails, it can indicate any number of nutritional deficiencies – make sure your diet is varied," he adds.

Many viewers followed the doctor's guidelines and commented what they have found on their nails.

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"Okay the black line one, I have one but it's just a spot and now I'm scared…" one said.

Another wrote: "I have psoriasis nails."

If you are concerned about your nails, visit your GP for advice.

You can also get plenty of handy information on the NHS website.

The health service explains abnormalities in greater detail, as well as providing information about when to seek medical attention.

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