SOCIAL media is awash with energy-saving tricks, but new data reveals not all of them save you as much or as little money as you think.

EDF teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to examine eight hacks commonly seen on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

They looked at how much the tricks save you on your bills in reality compared to what the same social media videos estimate.

They found across eight of the hacks, you actually save around £250 less in reality.

Six of the hacks don't cut back costs as much compared to social media estimates.

However, two of the tricks do save you more money based on social media video estimates.

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Here is the full list of hacks, and the true savings you get by using them.

Wall and dehumidifier vs. tumble dryer – £56

EDF and the Energy Saving Trust looked at a hack involving hanging clothes on the wall with hooks and placing a dehumidifier next to them instead of using a tumble dryer.

Videos on social media estimate the average saving you make employing the hack is £142.14 a year.

But in actual fact the true potential saving is around £56 annually – an £86.14p difference.

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Switching off appliances left on standby – £70

"Vampire" devices are electronic devices that use electricity even when they are turned off and in standby mode.

You might not think it, but they can eat through your energy and unnecessarily rack up costs.

Social media videos estimate the average saving you make by turning these devices off is £144.43.

In reality, you only save £70, EDF and the Energy Saving Trust found.

Draught-proofing gaps – £125

Not only do draughts make your home colder, they can see any heat produced inside leak outside.

In turn, your heating has to work harder to maintain a certain temperature, burning through more energy.

Draught-proofing can stop this from happening.

Social media videos estimate the trick can save you £153.29 a year, however the measure actually saves you just £125.

Not overfilling the kettle – £43

It's one of the easier hacks to use to save money on your energybills.

According to social media, filling your kettle just enough to get the right amount of hot water, but not too much to waste any saves you £34.33 annually.

In this case, social media videos actually underestimate how muchthe trick saves you.

EDF and the Energy Saving Trust found it actually saves you £43.

Turning your boiler's flow temperature down – £112

Turning your boiler's flow temperature down is one quick way to save on energy bills.

In most cases, it doesn't need to be higher than 60°C, but many households have theirs at 75°C-80°C.

Social media content estimates your average annual saving by turning the dial down saves you £161.83, but in reality you actually save £112.

Bleeding your radiators – £132

Bleeding your radiators involves draining them of trapped air that makes your system run less efficiently, thereby driving up bills.

Content posted on TikTok, Instagram and Chat GPT estimates you save around £151 a year using this trick.

However, the data from EDF and the Energy Saving Trust suggests your savings would look more like £132 a year.

Shortening shower time – £23

One more unusual hack on social media suggests lathering yourself up with soap or body wash before turning your shower on.

This, in turn means you are using less water and saving money on your bills.

Social media videos suggest you save £62.92 a year using the trick, but you actually save £23.75.

Clothes airer trick – £70

The eighth and final trick EDF and the Energy Saving Trust looked at involves putting your clothes airer near a radiator with a bed sheet on top.

This, in essence is supposed to make your clothes dry quicker as the heat is locked in.

But while social media content would have you think you save around £53.45 a year using the trick, in reality you save around £70, about £16 more.

How else can I save on my energy bills?

Staying social media savvy is one way of saving money on your energy bills.

But you can cut back costs further by using other tricks.

If you've got old halogen lightbulbs, it might be time to switch them out for LED ones – it could save you around £55 a year. They're better for the environment too as they last longer.

Adjusting your thermostat is another sure way to slash bills.

The Energy Saving Trust found reducing it by 1 degree can reduce your fuel bill by 10%.

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Meanwhile, simply keeping your fridge freezer clean and frost-free can cut bills by £195 a year.

If you've got a bit more money in your budget, you can try installing loft insulation in your home too – it could save you £310 a year.

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